Wild Lettuce for Sound Sleep

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    This is a new one on me, but evidently old to early European settlers, it's been called the "opium lettuce" but the herb has no relation to its intoxicating namesake.

    I'm sleeping pretty good with my combo, but will look at
    this further....guess it's been on TV although I've never seen it there...

    I'm sure there is plenty of info online on this herbal. jam
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    but haven't tried it. Here's a new one for you! I use the Alive! Whole Foods Multi. BUT I get more energy from the MEN'S formula than the women's! I examined them closely and found the amounts of certain nutrients to be slightly different, and there is the addition of saw palmetto. But what the heck would make this formula so much better than the women's? I swear I must have been Blackbeard in a previous life or something! LOL!

    Have found raspberry ketones to work well and so far have lost 9 pounds. I know the accupuncturist is going to give me a whole new combo and I am praying it will work!