Wild Oregano Oil

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lyzzy, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. lyzzy

    lyzzy New Member

    Has anyone here tried Wild Oregano Oil? I was in a health food /supplement store this weekend and the owner was telling me about it and I did some lookups on the net. It is supposed to be an anti-viral, anti-fungal(dreaded yeast)and to kill some parasites. I was thinking about trying it to see if it would help my fibro, as I really would like to not have to take so many meds.
  2. wrthster

    wrthster New Member

    I tried it did not have much luck, but that is me. It is expensive and can be rough on the stomach. If you are going to try it, you might want the gel caps and put them in the freezer. That prevents them from bothering your stomach.

    Make sure they are from the North American Herb and Spice Company they are the best and research all of their products and publish the studies. They make oreganol. Good luck!
  3. lyzzy

    lyzzy New Member

    Thanks for the replies, I did a search and seems like there are verying strengths, I have a store where I get my supplemnts and will check to see if they have it. I take ginger capsules when I get an upset tummy, and they really help. Maybe they would help with the oregano oil.
  4. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    They are a little expensive but they are pure - no cheap carrier oils. Some of the oils cannot be used directly on skin as they are potent. So you can mix it with an oil that you can tolerate in order to dilute.

    Or you can use them as aromatherapy. Or you can put on drop on your feet after a bath or shower as oils absorb through skin.

    I use a combo called Thieves for swollen lymph nodes. Waiting to buy the oregano oil to add to it.

    My son informed me that before antibiotics, nurses used oregano oil as a disinfectant in hospitals.

  5. kbak

    kbak Member


    Oregano oil has it's place. The oil is very useful for respritory bugs and stomach bugs. It's very tough on your stomach which keeps many people from using it. I have to take it on a full stomach.

    It also kills the good bacteria as well as the bad so you need to take probiotics hours away from taking the oil. I use it only when I have a bug. I don't think you'll find it really helpful for fibro.

  6. tooks

    tooks Member

    I regularly use the Young Living Oil brand and I use it the way you'd use an antibiotic or anti fungal. It is very effective and very potent. Here is a way that shouldn't bother your stomach: Put one (or two at the most) drop in an empty capsule, then fill it up with olive oil. This has never bothered my stomach but it sure bothers my skin if a little on it--particularly if a little runs down the outside of the capsule and it gets in my mouth.

    I'd recommend it for things like candida or if I feel I am getting sick, but don't know how it would effect fibro or CFS in general except where it includes infections and so forth.


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