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    I saw your post to Tub and I wanted to ask you if you would post how you are doing after you have the IDET.I am very interested in this procedure.I had the injections for back after a failed surgery. I suffer with a crushing pain in back with sciatica down both hips and legs on top of the FM pain and fatigue. I have never heard anyone who has had the IDET and I am interested in the results.
    Thanks for your time and blessings to you on your journey for a painless life :) Kathleen
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    Hi Seaview,

    I just got the word today and I am having it done on Feb. 20th. This is my last resort!! I have also had alot of injections and a Discogram, and they found that I do have DDD and herniated Disc at L5. I am a little nervous but my Doctor says I should get up to 75% pain relief. My doctor also had the IDET done early December and says he feels great! Insurance does not pay for it since it is relatively new prodcedure. I am going to take the chance. I am very desperate! $1700 is a small amount to me for having a somewhat painful life! I will be sure to post after my procedure, but he did tell me that it will take a month or a few months to actually feel the results. I have to wear a back brace for 2 months, but says I should be able to get up and walk around after a week. (for 15 minute interverals)
    My doctor totally got rid of my Sciatica pain, left hip pain by doing a Deactivation of nerves for my Sacrolitis or something of that nature. I go to a Pain Management doctor since July 2002 and I love him! I can get the actual prodcedure name that he did to get rid of my Sciatica if you would like. I have had so much done I forget (Fibrofog) everything he has done. I hope this works, after years of this pain plus my FM pain, it has been a long few years. I just want a normal life. (one where I can actually walk).

    ((Soft Hugs to you)) Wildcat