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    Hi there,
    I talked to someone today rom Dr. Natelson's office. Actually, I was interested in signing up for the study they are doing on cytokines. Ican't participate because I have restless leg syndrome (even though that is not causing the sleep problems I have).
    I have been going to FFC in Philadelphia since last Aug., and I like my doc very much. Just seems like I am getting nowhere. It would be a huge decision for me to totally switch.

    Could you try to fill me in on how Dr. Natelson deals with cfs, like what he looks for and what type of meds he treats you with (like sleeping, immune system, etc.).

    I would be forever grateful to you or anyone else who sees him.
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    I personally love Dr. Natelson. How he deals with cfs.....
    I am not sure what you are looking ofr. I would only suggest you set up an appt with him as I am not a doctor only a patient of his. I have tried different meds until a combo worked.And with me I have a low tollerance for
    meds anyway. I do take provigil and Ultram.
    I went thru a bunch b4 we hit a combo that worked.

    Have you talked with his nurse practioner? She would be able to give you more information on is protacol ( spelling).

    I see hime every 2/3 months.

    Good Luck

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    Do your hormones play a part in his protocol? I am taking bio-identical and I think they help me alot, wouldn't want to give them up.

    I just wondered if he does things like trying to build up your immune system, and work on thyroid problems if you have them.

    It is a big decision for me as to switching or not switching. The travel time would be about the same as to Phila., about 31/2 hrs.
    Thanks for listening.
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    my thyroid is messed up and i go to a great endocrinolgist
    in quakertown,

    hormones.....are so they say pre menopause..(blood tests)

    but, I do not and will not take meds for it as I have seen
    the reactions of cancer from people close to me who went
    on the HRT plan.

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    Just thanking you for your reply.
  6. wildflowers2

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    I bought his book facing and fighting fatigue , a practical approach. from amazon . com for ummm $10.00
    and that is how I made my mind up to see him as HE made sense to me.
    I LOVE the book and it explains ALOT to you.

    He also has another book being released shortly called.....

    " The nothing wrong syndrome"

    as dont we all hear....'you dont look like there is nothing wrong with you"...

    Best of luck hope this helps you better!

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    bumping discussion on Dr. Natelson
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