Wildlife in Los Angeles

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I don't mean the kind of wild life where one visits the Sunset Strip, Movie Premiers, and discos. (Do they still have discos?)

    I mean wildlife as in the skunk who is outside my front door at the moment. I can hear it crunching the cat kibble. It is noiser than the cats. Pushes the plastic dish around.

    If I go out to give it more kibble, it slowly walks away. Stops after about ten feet. Keeps it rump pointed at me in case it needs to fight.

    Last year I took the trash out in the dark and nearly stepped on one. Good thing they are so phlegmatic. You really have to bother them before they spray.

    Several months ago we had raccoons. One night a family of four was at the door. They are so cute w/ their bandit masks. Unlike the skunk and the cats, they pick up the kibble w/ their paws.

    We had a new cat at the door earlier. A beautiful gray and white. It's coat looked like plush. Looked much too healthy and cuddly to be a stray.

    And from time to time we see possums. America's only marsupial. There was a good sized one in the neighbor's garden last year. Dead. No marks on it. The neighbors were staying in Palm Springs so I disposed of the body.

    Remember what Thomas Lynch says. (T.L. is a prize winning poet, essayest and undertaker.) "The undertaker is your friend. He is the last one to let you down."

    I live between Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. People who live on the fringe of our urban sprawl sometimes encounter rattlesnakes, black bears, cougars, roadrunners and deer.

    Every summer there is at least one black bear who makes the evening news by showing up in someone's pool.

    The newscaster usually says something like, "The animal control people have been called. In the meantime the homeowner will just have to grin and bear it."
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  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i have been let down enough in my life. i just want to be cremated. still haven't decided on donating my body to science. i know i could do some good for someone out there.

    but i don't have any good spare parts left.

    so cremation for me. my son can dump me in lake michigan, the Grand Haven light house. then keep a little of me in my drinking horn. take and get my ashes in the bottom of horn then he can hang me on the wall and take me down if he chooses to. then have a drink w/mom. i will always be hanging around him even if i am dead.

    so for those skunks, if you have a squirt gun you can spray them in their buttock area before they spray.

    my son told me how he used to go skunk hunting to go spray the skunks in the rear w/water guns.

    darn foolish to me..but he never came home smelling like skunk.

    and i mean the animal. i forgot that some people call pot, skunk.

    so you guys are warm down south? it is ok here atleast my car isn't covered in snow and ice.

    i need to get my butt in bed. i have to meet w/voc rehab counselor at 11 am. and i pulled that all nighter today. or i mean yesterday now.



  3. opticaltech

    opticaltech New Member

    Hi Rockgor..I live in Canoga Park and do see an occasional opossum...But smell skunks but have never seen one...I used to Live in Fillmore, CA. in Ventura cty...loved that area...alot of wildlife...now its getting over populated..sad but true...its beind ruined..they are knocking down all the orchards to build homes..Time to move out of CA and find some green!.....Lina
  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Stray cats, and skunks! Boy rock, you are really mingling with a wild crowd now!

    When i was a kid, i picked up a baby skunk by the tail and rode my horse home with it!!! LOL

    It never sprayed, but boy did my big brother give me a bad time about being soo stupid!!

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    My neighbor Ben told me his dog Cha Cha got sprayed again.
    This is the third time. I believe we can classify Cha Cha as a slow learner.

    Anyway Ben came home around ll pm and found a skunk on the porch. It was after the cat kibble. Well, it's a large porch. He was trying to go quietly into the house. Soon as he opened the door Cha Cha

    came charging out ready to do battle. The expected result ensued.

    They washed her in tomato juice and three different kinds of shampoo.

    Lina, I used to live in Ventura. Back in the 60s. A furnished duplex half a bock from the beach. As I recall the rent was $150 a month.

    Went to Fillmore and Piru now and then (can't spell occassionally) to handle insurance claims. You're right about overpopulation. I think the only hope for the human race is if the birth rate falls by at least 50% and the average IQ goes up 20 points.

    Jodie, I never heard of pot being called skunk. I had some friends in the 70s who got lots of cheap pot from Mexico and were always puting it in cookies or brownies.

    I tried it a couple times. Had no more effect on me than chewing M&Ms.

    Morning SS, I never had any skunk encounters in MN, but often when driving thru the countryside at night there would be the not unpleasant tang of skunk in the air.

    Also lots of eyes shining along the roads and now and then a deer would dash across and jump the fence. A ride in the country was a treat in those days.

    Especially if you had a 5 cent bag of popcorn from Lindstroth's popcorn stand. Three generations operated that stand. Wonder if it's still doing business.

    If it is I will have to take some to the porch. Haha
  6. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    They walk single file and the babies were young and tiny. SO cute! they walk very carefully, almost on tip toes. Needless to say I held my breath so as not to get momma skunk on the defensive.

    We had peacocks and the skunks would come share the kibble.
    Both the cat and the dog had been skunked, luckily it fades fairly quickly.

    I remember when I was young our next door neighbor had a skunk for a pet. It had been de-scented.

    The last couple of years we have coyotes. Can hear them yipping and howling, kind of eerie.

  7. opticaltech

    opticaltech New Member

    Rockgor...my sister lived in Port Hueneme by the base and now lives in Oxnard. ALl my relatives live in Ventura County...my mother was born in Fillmore in a house. You were so lucky to have lived by the beach...now you cant even touch a rental down there!....We went to the Ventura County fair this year...it never changes!.....Lina
  8. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Hi Rocky,

    You big sissy you!! We had a pet skunk as kids.Of course Flower(Bambi's friend donated the name) had to visit our vet first. Moma was a sissy too and Flower had to live in the garage. Heck she was an awesome watch dog and friend maker too. She'd not leave the garage unless she was wearing her pretty red diamond studded collar and was hooked to her fancy leash. Our Uncle used to have a fit if we strolled and hung around his gas station thought it gave the tourists the wrong idea and kept them away.Just cause he was located on the major route going thru he was fussy.So off we'd go to the grocery or movies pet accompliment always by our sides or riding in the bike baskets. Most folks patted her and loved her. Better than most cats and clean about herself. She thrived well on dry cat food. Oh yes the garage she lived in was a large 3 bay double deep with a second story. Dad ran his car repair business there. When the weather was do able the front roll up doors on all bays stayed open.Flower never went out more than 25 feet beyond the end unless her leash was on her.That's where her sand box was, she too needed privacy then. In winter Dad kept kitty litter pan in the bottom of the grease pit. Across, by a few feet, from her tire and towel bed. The old fellers who hung around every afternoon used to call her Stinky to rile us.No one minded our baby cept a few odd salesman trying to seel stuff. None seemed to push after they got a peek at Flower toddling around.She liked meeting new friends.

    No skunk now as the State Game Wardens decided those and our racoon pets weren't safe. Now I have to settle for the critters who come into our fields or lawn to graze or just passing thru. We do post a few acres but hunters are welcome on lots more down at the 8 mile bog. The three moose who come thru regular are a family,mother,baby boy and daddy are quiet.We made a point of never getting tween mom and son as they don't like that and may charge. Five Deer come out most every day too. That's the buck and four does as they do harems.They love the taters we left and the winter rye for consevation is a air treat. Black bears, skunks,coons,coydogs,a few wolves and an assortament of God's other animals other of small animals. We dopn't go to zoos. Those are city slickers traps. Just open the door sit outside and feed the little guys.My cat and white sheppard love to play with them all. Oh I mean the coons,chipmonks and squirrels and minks and such.

    Wildlife is cats and a skunk that got lost?? Really give the little guy a ride to his cousins. He's passing thru your neighborhood going for Thanksgiving with his kin.Tells me why I'll not spend anytime out in LA or any such place. Hear you got a bit of population over growth lately and are over 3000?? Whew that's a hell of a large place. Later, gotta go see the fuzzy friends.

    All true too! Weezie don't lie cause I done enough confession back in grade school. Maineweezie
  9. KimWeb

    KimWeb New Member

    I have seen coyotes on many occasions. Recently the baby skunks were coming to eat dinner every night. What was cute was my cat would just sit and watch them and neither animal seemed to care about the other. Now the baby opposums have showed up so the skunk seems to be gone. Thank God I have not seen a snake but I have seen my share of black widows. One was on my kitchen floor not long ago!! It's so nice here that all creatures want to live here:)
  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Heard a big noise the other night so went outside, scared a bear that fell out of an apple tree and ran off. Guess it came back later with ir's family -- 11 piles of **** all over the back yard. Gee, but those bears don't seem to be able to digest apples very well.

    Did someone mention black widows? They live in my house, and have for the last 25 yrs. They don't bother me, I hardly ever see them. They are very useful at keeping annoying insects down. I don't let Richard take down Pholcid webs either; they take care of the occaisional mosquito that makes it inside.

    Wildlife ---- ya gotta love it.

    Regards to all,
  11. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    My best friend lives there. When I visited her, she told me that her DH, was walking down their street, to catch a ride for work.

    John said he felt something staring at him. He looked aroud and four coyotes were following. He walked a little bit slower, and looked for a car he could jump on. They turned to go back into the hill, thank heaven! LOL

    We live in Indiana and there are coyotes, etc., more in the southern part of the state. Now, I can understand that! It just 'ain't' right that the wild lives amongst you LA folk!

    I've seen 'humans who acted like animals', but they are usually contained! LOL

    Thanks for the laugh!


  12. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    First of all, I have to say to Jodie that I may be floating, ash-wise, along side of her at Grand Haven near the lighthouse. It's a lovely spot where I've vacationed many times.

    The possum stories remind me of the old guy who appears here on the hill early in the morning in the spring. He sits in an early shaft of morning sun, yawning, as if having a beer and one last cigarette before going to bed.

    Rock, have you been to the Hollywood Improv? Great old building. It's as if you can hear the laughter from the old comics there over the years.


  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Seems like even in these hi-tech, overpopulated days, everyone has wild animal stories to tell. We have coyotes here in LA too.

    Gordon was walking the dogs one night and noticed a coyote following them. A cop car pulled up and the patrolman asked Gordon, "Do you know you're being stalked?"

    There was a pair of coyotes that lived in the backyard of a vacant house on the same block as Gordon's mother. Haven't seen them for several months now.

    When I was a social worker in northern Minnesota, everybody had stories about eagles, moose and bears. One of my foster mothers was doing dishes one morning when a bear came out of the woods, killed a calf and carried it away.

    Never went to the Improv, Marta. I did go to the comedy store on Sunset Blvd. once. I think it was open mike night. Anyway a bunch of nonprofessionals got up and did ten-15 minutes. Most of them were terrible. A couple weren't bad.

    I think it cost ten bucks and you got a drink or two.

    Oh yeah. My son and I found a rattlesnake in a city park in Ventura. I stood guard while he went and found a gardner who killed the snake w/ a hoe.

  14. kimkane

    kimkane New Member

    I have worked with animals of all kinds on and off for 35 yrs. I ran my own rescue. I had my barn all set up for different animals. At one time I had over 100 animals, mostly dogs. I also worked at an exotic animal rescue in the next town. We had over 200 animals there. You name it we had it. Anything from a dove to lions. I would be getting all the diets made up with a ring tail lemur sitting on my shoulder. I had a young bobcat live with me. I felt so blessed to have my dream job.

    Boy do I have stories !!!! I now take care of my folks. The last thing I rescued was a baby bat.

    My mom is a retired naturalist. She ran the nature center for our metro parks for 30 yrs. She now has Alzheimers.


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