will anyone please answer me? i need to know of any new meds

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nje, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. nje

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    i wrote a message earlier today and no one answered it, i just need to know of any new meds for fibro. my pain is much worse than it was,my sight is getting worse,my nerves have been gone, i really could use some help. nje
  2. zggygirl

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    I bet your old post just flew onto the next page and was missed since so many poeple post.
    What one's have you been on? I wish I could be of help.
    I just take the standard ol' dtuff.
    klonipin,darvon, neurontin,soma, and now Ultram. Have you tried Ultam/Tramadel?
    If you want any input on how any of these work for me let me know okay?
  3. QueenM

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    Hi NJE!

    Boy I wish there was a new FMS drug. I guess there is one, but it is only at stage II of clinical trials.

    Have you tried Neurontin? I haven't tried it (yet), but I am considering it because the new drug that I mentioned above is supposedly the same type of drug.

    Hope relief is in site for you!
    Love & prayers
  4. Shirl

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    I did see your post, and thought that others who are taking meds would answer you, but I guess I was wrong.

    This board has been a 'mad house' for the last few days, there are so many posts that we are going to the third page back to just keep up with new members.

    I do not take meds, and that is why I did not respond. I take supplements for FM. I only take Xanax once a day in the evening for racing brain syndrome.

    There are a few new drugs in trials right now, but as far as we know none are available to the public yet.

    If you can get a copy of May 10 issue of 'Newsweek' magazine, they have about ten pages on pain and new meds they are experimenting with. Yes, finally they decided to try and help people with pain!

    They also have a full page article on FM, wonder of wonders! Its on page; 53. Actually its a testimony from a lady suffering from FM.

    They even gave an estimate of how many of us are suffering from this illness; 6 million people.

    I am sorry you did not get replies sooner, hope this does not happen again.

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. RedB

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    There is a new drug in the works called Pregabalin, but it is not available yet. A clinical trial by the University of Michigan found it to be effective and save in treating fibromyalgia patients to relieve pain and fatigue.

    In the meantime, Neurontin seems to have helped a lot of people on this board, including myself. It is not a narcotic, and it seems to help with my "nerve" pain.


  6. AC77

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    you been checked for diabetes by chance?? The vision and nerve thing you said, struck a bell in my head.

    There are no 'new meds' specifically for fibro but off-label use of new meds is always happening. I posted on a new drug in the process of approval. look up my name in the search.

    Until you can get to a dr or find one who will RX the proper meds for you, I recommend the following OTC meds: Ibuprofen 400 mgs every 6 hrs as needed. Also, adding DXM (dextromorphan cough syrup) say 30 mgs twice a day may help as may 50 mgs of dramamine at bedtime for sleep or benadryl.
    This is a very crude, 'make-shift' home remedy for pain.

    When you get to the dr. Ultram is a good starting point, along with Vicodin and possibly an NSAID if you have any inflammation or swelling. Vioxx and Bextra are good for this. Nortriptyline or elavil at HS will assist sleep and may help pain. Herbals such as willow tree bark, fever few and St. John's wort may all help pain along with Flax Oil and an MSM supplement.

    Once at the Dr. there are so many meds he / she can Rx I cant even start to list...providing he/she is willing to prescribe. They may start you on anything from Tylenol to morphine....it depends on the dr and your symptoms. Let them know you cant sleep at night due to the pain. That is a big help in getting them to write for you...as is stating you are not a drug addict and that if you dont believe me, pull a drug of abuse panel now! Hate to sound so harsh, but dr's can be jerks and you have to sometimes prove to them your pain and sincerity. Sad world but true, as you can tell by these posts. I will say a prayer for you :)
    And I know you will get relief soon.
    Goood Luck.
  7. Dee33K

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    This is new to me (6 months now) so I am not sure what "new" meds are to you but my doc ( a pain med guy who is up on Fibro has been right on target for all of this for me. I have tried to second guess him but he is right. First of all he put me on topomax and said to increase it VERY gradually. It has taken almost 3 months for it to really do what it need to but is now kicking in. Now he has added Bextra in conjunction with it and tells me the goal is to get me aerobic at least 3 times a week to keep my heart muscle functioning and the natural endorphins flowing. He is right. I feel 50 % better and that is really something! I walk (fast) every morning, do my stretches, (important!) and do the arthritis swim class in 92-94 degree water 3 days a week. I can't tell you how important all of this is together. Not just the meds. I am taking supplements and just started the sea salt after reading the article posted here. This is a great source of info! Thanks everyone!
    Blessings to all.
  8. tulip922s

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    I'm not sure what you have already tryed, so it is a little hard to respond. Perhaps you could give us a little more information. I personally have been having fairly good luck with Ultram and Darvacet. On really bad days I use Vicoden. What does the doctor say about your sight getting worse? This could mean so many things. Are you taking any antidepressants or anything else for the "nerves"? Best of luck to you. Tulip
  9. pam_d

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    I know it's frustrating when your post doesn't get answers, but I'm in the same boat as Shirl & don't use meds. I'm sorry your pain & other symptoms are getting worse. I'm hoping you will get some feedback from folks here who do have some prescription med suggestions for you, and/or can point you to the latest research on newer meds.

    I hope you feel better!