Will Doc Give Med's First Visit?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by orionshines94, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. orionshines94

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    I have CFS/FM and I haven't seen a Doctor in a year 1/2. I am having a terrible time wihh anxiety as I was broke in to while I was home alone In March. I don't want to overload this new Doctor Ive never seen. I need pain meds. and anxiety meds. I do not know what to say my first visit 9-5=03 the day after my Birthday. Any suggestions? Sheila Topeka, Ks. THANKS!
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    If you bring evidence with you verifying an already confirmed diagnosis of a condition with a "pain" level already designated as a starting point.....tell your new doc why you were unable to see a physician for that period of time, he/she may well prescribe appropiate medication.

    When I went to the wonderful doctor/healer I now have it was after 14 mos. of no doc. When I finally prevailed w/social security I took him a copy of the Judge's decision and on there was listed each ailment which was substantiated by "qualified" physicians.

    I showed him the plan a rheumy had begun some years before and he had no problem picking up the ball and running. Of course by the time I prevailed I had additional problems more serious that than upon which I began my claim!!

    Depends on the doc. Lots of paperwork now in US for a doc to prescribe sometimes necessary meds. My doc fought for me and that kind of doc I hope you have....Love CactusLil'
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    I should think you can get meds, after all your visit is because you are ill. Anyway, I would take a short list for the first visit and then the "big" list of symptoms on the 2nd, LOL!

    Happy Birthday and I hope your appt goes well.