will i be addicted

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    My doctor prescribed Vicadin for the pain at night. Isn't this a very addictive drug and is there any alternative that anyone knows of.
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    to hiriskrn's recommendation. dolsgirl
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    Hi Jojo, welcome to the board. I think Madwolf made it all very clear for you.

    Just a little added info from a layman. I have seen drug addicts who abused drugs, took them for the 'high', thats an addictive addict.
    They take the drugs, no illness concerned in it for the effect of how it makes them 'feel', where someone who is ill, takes the prescribed amount of a substance with no ill effects.

    I have seen druggies take 10 Valium at once, then drink liquor. Well, if I would do such a thing, it would probably kill me! But they 'think' they feel good and are out of this painful world for a short time, till the effects wear off then they are looking for something to get that 'feeling' back. Vicious circle, it always ends very badly for most of them.

    I worked with a Single's Group at church, and have helped many of these kids with the drugs. You would not believe what I had flushed down my toilet, no doubt in street value, a small fortune!

    Just take your meds as prescribed by your doctor, and you should be fine.

    Again, welcome to the board, and let us know how you are doing.

    Shalom, Shirl

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