Will I ever be able to function past 7 pm?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JonAnne, Jan 30, 2007.

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    My name is Anne. JonAnne is my signon name, but my name is Anne. I have had CFIDS for 13 years. Have been in "remission" for about 8. I still need to go to bed around seven every night and I have two children aged 8 and 10. I "shut down" the house around five every night- take the phone off the hook, feed all the animals, etc. My husband is a huge support but he works some nights. Have any of you found that you were ever "normal" again? I was always a "early to bed, early to rise' person, but now I am a FREAK about bedtime and that's just not the real world. Did you guys just not do nighttime stuff or just manage it carefully? I love Prohealth's vitamins and I thank God for Bill and his founding the company and this board. (Gosh, I hope I got his name right- brain will never be the same.) Also, I have taken Ambien 5 mgs for 12 years. Did some of you successfully get off of sleeping meds? Thanks for any input. Anne
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    Hi Anne,

    I have had CFIDS for 12 years. I too go to bed around 7pm. My social life is about nonexistant. I don't know how you manage with 2 kids!

    I was doing ok for a few years (well as ok as CFIDS gets) but lately I am horrible. I only spend a few hours out of bed a day.

    I take Ambien too.
  3. JonAnne

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    I wish I could, but since I am in "remission", I can't just sleep during the day like I used to. But come 6 or 7, get out of my way, I want my bed.
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    I keep a day shortened by being early to bed.
    I make sure a go at the same time each day and I do get
    a full nights sleep.

    I have been on Ambien, but now use an OTC.

  5. JonAnne

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    Please be grateful for what you have. I know it's hard especially with small children but their are people with CFS who are in nursing homes, at home in their beds having diapers changed, being fed by G-tubes,,,,etc. if you get my picture. I am currently getting 4-6 hours a day out of bed and am OH SO grateful for that as there was a time we were talking about nursing home for me as well.

    I know what you are saying and I needed to hear the above as well. Thank you for helping me to remember that whether to go to bed at 7 is not a big deal. Anne
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