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    I always prided myself on being a relatively intelligent person...then came cfs/fm. My daughter graduated from college on sat. I, my usual self, insisted on everything being perfect for the celebration, even with surprises that daughter didn't know about. Course, there was also Mother's Day and the perfect gift time. Well, sat. went fine and I planned, and did rest, on sunday. Even slept in til 10:00 which I haven't done in years. *I'm one of the insomniacs that even drugs do not help* Rested the rest of the day, went to work yesterday just a little droopy thinking, "yeah, I did it" I was able to do the celebration my way and I'll only be a little tired if I relax the next. Good ole CFS/FM. Just waited until today to hit. Normal flair traits, fatigue beyond belief and hurting everywhere, even where you didn't know you can hurt. I hate this part. The part where the will and do are over ruled by the can not :( Thanks for reading, I just needed to vent a little bit.
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    I went to my Son's and D-I-L for Mother's Day, and all I had to do was get Cleaned up and out the door.
    It sure wiped me out yesterday, and today I still feel like I could go back to bed, But I have Errands to do, and I have to Haul my sorry, sore tired little butt out the door.

    I think you did good going to work yesterday, but pamper yourself today,

    Even the GoodTimes can cause a Flare, anything that deals with Emotions, get's me, and I try real hard to head them off, but oh well, I figure I'm gonna hurt, and I just plan on not doing anything for a few day's.

    It's a give and take deal with the FMS/CMP, if I can have a little fun now and then, I go for it.
    My Family used to Laugh at how I prepared for Event's, now after 7 years of living like this, they even Help me, so that I can enjoy myself, without it killing me, lol.

    My Daughter in Law and her Mom are Great Cooks, But, no matter how hard they try, I usually get sick from their cooking. Hubby, laughed this morning, said it tool 2 days to get rid of the Food, ;o)

    I promised to make her a List of what I can eat, if it's not on the list, I won't eat it, but she still can make foods for the other's, just make sure she has some good old Carrott soup. It dosen't upset my IBS/GERD, and it tastes so good.

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    you're allowed a learning "curve" in here...

    this may sound dumb, but, even tho it's hard to avoid...
    what you accomplished is so much more inspiring than the setbacks...
    sure, you're paying a price, and that's the unfortunate thing...
    but look at what you did... :)
    your "will" to "do" overrode the i "cannot"... or at least the "i'm not even gonna try"...
    peace... (and hope you feel better)...

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