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    Thank you Julie for starting. We will use your thread. I just didn't want to deete this in caswe others wanted to read. When it gets to a certain nukmber of post I will just delete.


    Bringing some homemade choc chip cookies, right from the oven. Wish I had the NRG to do that at home.

    Gotta run for now but wanted to start a new volume for our Porch.

    Had anice time at our party last night and will have another tonight at our club. It is close and need to drive far especially after a glass of wine or two.
    I should be working on my Christmas cards but haven't gotten to do so. I need to go back now and start some more. My list used to be SO LONG but is getting shorter each year for many reasons. Also found out the other day that we lost another Nursing school member - so sad. She was quite overweight but has always has that problem, then she had hearat problems and then kidney. When I heard she was on dialysis I knew she may not be around to much longer.

    Julie - You are wearing me our my dear YOUNG friend. Just thinking about what you do for your children wears me out. You are such a strong person . Sounds like you haven't been having those heart type pains lately? Is that so? What have you been taking besides Vit D3 which I already take for my osteoporosis? How far away is your chiropractor??? I know they or most do not take insurance. I should probably go to one but that is always an issue - ugh !

    Gail - Thatis always such a worry about ones children. Many times there isn't much we can do for them except send $ or try and give moral support. Yes, in reference to your son they have to be ready to make some choices and changes. Has he had any kind of therapy? Even if so , it is hard for them many times to stay on the straight and narrow, even if they have had therapy
    All we can really do is pray and hope.

    Georgia - Glad you popped in to let us know how you were doing? So many of us worry when we don't hear from our Porchies and I am still worrying.

    Rock - Gordon can come here any time to cook for me. I am always ready for someone to take over. If I wait for DH to start I would starve to death, or we both would. Come back again when you can. We miss you and so many others when we don't see you/them for awhile.

    Need to go do some cards and start another wash and I don't know what all

    Love to you awl,
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