Will Milk Thistle and pain pills go together?

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    Just curious here...I have been taking Lorcet 10 for about 10 months and im wondering if I take Milk Thistle with my pain pills if it will help keep my enzymes down and help with the affects of tylenol. I have to have my pain meds due to the pain I deal with daily. Just want to know if Milk Thistle is the way to go or if there is anything else with it or besides it? I hope Im making sense here. I don't feel bad or have any liver problems just want preventative measures. Please help!!! Pammy
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    I don't know whether it will work for others, but I've been taking milk thistle (1800 mg/day) for a couple of months, because my liver enzymes were elevated. I seem to have problems with a lot of pain medications. Either they don't work, they make me nauseous, or they aggravate my GERD symptoms. *And* many of the ones I've tried don't seem to work. So I wind up having to do a balancing act between buffered aspirin and Tylenol. Since some of the other drugs I take--including the Avonex injections I take for my multiple sclerosis--also can affect liver function, and since I definitely *don't* want to stop the Avonex, I've been very concerned about the Tylenol's liver effects. (I can't use just aspirin--even buffered--for pain because of the GI effects.)

    That's why I decided to try the milk thistle, along with alternating the aspirin and Tylenol. And it seemed to work, at least on my last blood test. My doctor seemed very surprised to see that my liver enzymes were back in the normal range.

    The directions on my bottle of milk thistle suggested 3 600-mg capsules twice a day to get correct liver function and 3 or 4 a day to maintain it. But since this brand of milk thistle is kind of pricey, I decided to start out with just the maintenance dosage to see if it helped in combination with the balancing act, and as I said that seems to be working.

    --Laura R.M.
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    Milk thistle will not interfere with your pain pills.
    Have you tried taking digestive enzymes? Certain digestive enzymes, namely Pancreatin, bromelain and papain, can help lower pain levels, esp. if you also take them inbetween meals, as well as with meals. Some people are allergic to bromelain or papain, so be careful if you have ever had a burning mouth from eating pineapple or papaya. I was able to lower my pain meds by taking enzymes.
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    This definitely helps!!! Please bump for more suggestions!!! Pammy
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    Pammy, I am back, will email you this week. Love, Deb