Will operation affect FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tammy21, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. tammy21

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    Hi all, I was just wondering, after having an operation will it affect the FM in any way?
    Take care
  2. sisland

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    Hi Tammy21

    Are you having a major or a minor sugery? You'll probabaly have to do alot of extra resting after it's all done and it always helps to drink extra fluids!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Iv'e had a few sugeries over the years! but that was before i got DX with Fm and it always took me alot longer to recoperate from them than other people i knew that had had the same procedure as me!

    So i'm sure i had Fm as earlie as 10 years of age! I'm wishing you Goodluck with your operation!..............................Hugs......Sydney
  3. tammy21

    tammy21 New Member

    What they are going to do is cut open mid line and cut there way through the adhesions (and what ever is stuck to them) and remove the ovaries.there is a cyst on the left ovary that the doctor is not happy about. so after the operation I will be out of action for 6 weeks.
    So was wondering how it will affect the FM.
    Any advice will be very much appreciated.

    Take care all
  4. Joshuaalpha

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    yah on her ovaries and had to have one removed I think. I had a deviated septup and after the operation I was supposed to lead right away but I was there for 3 hrs because of excessive bleading due to speep apnea. I would fall asleep and choke and my heart rate would go up and then I would bleed through my wounded nose. It was kinda scary at the time. they kept telling me to stay awake but ir just felt so good to close my eyes. I was so out of it on morphine. I gues it exasperbates sleep apnea. they said I could have died.

    thats the second time fibromyalgia has almost killed me. In the navy I had heat exhaustion so bad after a fire excercise in a fire suit that they said if I had passed out which I almost did then they would have had to put water through my veins introvenously. :(

    Man my life has sucked eh with fibro. I was undiagnosed at the time but I sorta knew what it was for the operation
  5. justjanelle

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    I've got FM and have recently had surgery.

    In my case, it did cause a flair-up of my pain, fatigue and especially the muscle spasms (not everyone has these, I understand) for about 2 weeks after the surgery. I did have to increase my dosage of my regular medications (with my rheumy's permission) during this time, and then gradually taper down to the regular dose as I started to feel better.

    However, I think that part of the reason I had a bad time of it is because the surgeon did not "believe" in fibro and would not allow me to take my regular meds in the hospital (24 hours). So I was in pretty bad muscle spasms and unable to sleep during that time. The muscle spasms were especially bad right in the incision and they did end up tearing out some of the staples.

    I think if he'd allowed me to have my regular medication I wouldn't have had so much to have to recover from. (If this makes any sense at all!)

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  6. louiesgirl2

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    Oh yes, you will defintely need to rest up. Surgery of any kind will affect FM. After my hysterectomy in May of this year I went into a major and I mean major flare.

  7. makezmuzic

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    Hi, sorry to hear you are going in for surgery soon. No fun. Its going to be such a shock on your body either way. I am still recouperating from my open lung surgery. The recouperation is going very different from the 10 hour long partoidectomy I had two years ago.

    One of the Major difference between two two surgeries and how I recouped , IMHO, had to do with my surgery prep.

    For the paritoid., both before and after I; drank MAD carrot juice, fasted with blender drinks that had "High potency" vitamin "C" powder. Also drank a ton of water. Put liquid chlorophill & aloe vera & protien in my drinks. Took the homiopathic remedy "Arnica" and "gelsinium" both before and after. Used eyucaliptis oil on the scar vs a lot of pain pills. Even after the surgery I continued to do the blinder drinks, water and LOTS of cooked greens.

    For the open lung;
    No prep foods before and mostly junk food afterwards. It made a world of diffefence. Sure they are different parts of the body, but I really think getting crude out of my system before the surgery made a difference.

    People actually told me I looked younger and that my skin glowed after the face and neck surgery. The surgen was really surprised at how well my skin looked. I had no body aces, yes fatigue. But not like now. This last surgery, I looked like poo when I went in and when I came out. Who knows? I wish I had juice fasted for this one. I know it didnt hurt, on the other hand, the orange cream milkshakes and Taco Bell maxi melts before and after the last one didnt help.

    Wish ing the best Tammy