will someone answer my reply on breathing techniques?

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    I posted reply about the lst breath. technie Dr. Cheney gave me based on teresa hale's book (hale clinic london) which i paste as follows?

    Question: for madwolf or anyone does the weil technique do the same thing for the PH and mild asthma, it is controlled yes, but difference is this

    Breath Connection tech: blow out air then hold nose, called a control pause, then shallow breath 5 minutes, nother CP 5 more minutes, nother CP and add 5 seconds to the control pause, 5 minutes, then another cP and add l0 seconds,

    yes it's hard, whihc is probably why cheney suggested weils ayurvidic breath tech, but on it you blow out BREATH in then hold ie the difference,

    Can anyone help weils is much easier but does it help breathing problmes like many have been helped in Breath connection programs??

    Does it help our PH imbalance in chronic illness?

    Thanks PM

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    I don't know if this is the post you are looking for, its the one by Mikie, I had emailed it to myself, and am posting it here for you. I hope this is what you are looking for.

    Shalom, Shirl


    Here is how it works:

    1) Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds

    2) Hold your breath for 7 seconds

    3) Exhale through tightly pursed lips for 8 seconds, creating "back pressure" (you should be able to hear the air being forced out of your mouth as you do this.)

    Do this 8 times in a total of two and a half minutes. Do this twice a day - a grand total of 5 minutes a day. That's all it takes. (If you feel lightheaded, just do it 6 times or until you begin to feel lightheaded, then build up to 8.) You must be very faithful and consistent for this to work, and it takes weeks for the body to adjust the 2,3 DPG levels. But your oxygen transport will get better and better over time.

    What does this breathing exercise do? This method is based on the same principle at work in the marathon runners from Kenya who frequently win the Boston Marathon. They live and train at a high altitude. They run at 12,000 feet. To compensate for the lack of oxygen at higher altitudes, their bodies make a physiological adjustment, raising 2,3 DPG levels so more oxygen is released. The higher the 2,3 DPG goes, the easier it is to run. Then the Kenyans go to Boston, which is at sea level (with more oxygen in the atmosphere of course), and run their race. But their bodies are still set for high altitude, so they end up with more oxygen being transported into their tissues than other runners. They are superoxygenated, transporting oxygen like crazy.

    Dr. Cheney's goal is to “trick” our bodies into thinking we live at a higher altitude, thus raising our 2,3 DPG levels, thereby transporting more oxygen from our blood into our tissues. How is that done? By not breathing! This method is actually regulated breath holding. As you regularly breath hold, your O2 drops. You induce a state called desaturation. And for those five minutes a day of desaturation, your body panics. It believes it's high up in the mountains and it spends the rest of the day compensating for that (by raising 2,3 DPG), even though you're not actually up in the mountains. The body is so concerned with desaturation that even though you live in Dallas, for example, it will program your body as if you live in Denver (at a higher altitude).

    Love, Mikie