Will someone ask their CFS specialist about this please?

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    Dear friends: Will one of you ask your CFS specialist this question. I can't ask Dr. CHeney because i get charged $8.50 per mintute for any kind of response at all.

    On my 6/l0 visit Dr. Cheney said if one can't tolerate the immunocal's plex's etc. an alternative to increase glutathiane, take l50 mg milk thistle with l reg. Strength tylenol M.W.F. I asked if tylenol wasn’t hard on the liver which he had once said the liver is centrally strained in CFS. His eply "not at that dose." My question is: I forgot to ask how tylenol a drug that is processed through the liver, help increase intracelluar and extracelleuar glutathiane? Can madwolf or anyone's specialist answer this without having to pay your dr. for an answer?

    This could prove to be valuable information as we have discussed alternatives to whey protein for those of use who have problems tolerating it. Thanks for your time
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    Hope someone can find an answer for you.


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    Good luck with responses
  4. SPR30

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    The only info I have so far is that Tylenol (acetominophen)
    DECREASES glutathione. Hope you get more info.
    Good luck!
  5. Ahorsesoul

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    I would email the tylenol website. They might be able to give you an answer.
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    Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question and my CFS specialist, Dr. Poesnecker died in late June plus he was a naturopathic CFS doctor anyway.

    I read a long time ago that Vitamin C increases Glutathione so I take 500 mg of Twinlabs Vitamin C after breakfast every morning and it's good for my allergies too. I tried Immuplus at my doctor's recommendation but since I have severe food allergies including milk allergy I couldn't tolerate the Immuplus.

    Love, Jasmine