will tf work on hyperallergic man?+ hi from newbie

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by pichki, May 6, 2005.

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    hi all

    i am a cfs sufferer doing everything right supposedly, but still very sick. i am allergic to everything under the sun, and am doing everything I can to transfer this allergy dominated immune response (th1) to a balanced th1:th2 situ. after years of tests, and nothing wrong I suspect pathogens are at play but can't i.d. them.( except for a roseola re-infection a year ago, with the pathologies unable to test for the other hhv6 ).

    My question is; does anyone think tf's would be beneficial for me, especially in ridding me of some allergies? If so, which tf would you recommend?
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    Very sorry to say. I have read recently that Dr. Cheney feels it is our heart's malfunction that is causing our blood volumne to be in our legs more than usual and is a domino effect...less blood to brain, less to liver/gut etc.
    Eventually it causes what feels like allergies but is really not enough blood to the brain. (The is a very simplistic explanation, of course).

    There are people on the Marshall Protocol who had severe "allergies" who are tolerating what they were "allergic" too. One is Celticladee who has posted on this board.

    But your question was whether to try TF or not. Well, if you are going to try a TF, I would try the one(s) that the Cheney Clinic has used. Prohealth has them listed as being used by that clinic. The one is Transfer Factor System 200 $38 30 capsules 10-30 day supple since you take 1-3 a day. Plus TF System 100 90 cap. $58 30-90 day supply take 1-3 capsules. They are targeted TF's but my catalogue doesn't say which viruses but Prohealth can tell you.1=800-366-6056 or you can look it up at this site.

    FYI, there is no way to do part of the MP (Marshall Protocol). But it is easy to tell if it you are a candidate is by getting you Vitamin D levels testing by frozen specimen. If it is out of range, you are a candidate by the MP staff.

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    Put just a bit of the powder from the capsule under your tongue to see how well you tolerate the TF's. It took a month before I was able to take a full capsule. The immune response can be quite severe in the beginning.

    Swollen lymph nodes, low-grade temperature, feeling fluish, aches and pains are all indicitive of an immune response which is, or course, what you want to have happen. This means that the immune system is recognizing the pathogens and producing a response to them.

    After the first month, I did begin to feel better on them. I not longer take the TF's except to pulse them for a couple of days every six weeks. They still cause an immune response when I pulse them. This is like a booster shot after a vaccine. TF's are kinda like oral vaccines.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie