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    I have been taking TF for a little over a year. I've read a lot of posts from different folks who are taking or have taken TF and gotten a reaction. I know what benefits I've received from taking it and I was concerned about the reactions I've heard others have had so I just wanted to post something which may be informative to those folks. I wondered about the manufacturer from whom they are buying. I was first introduced to TF through a doctor friend (a gyn-oncologist) whom I have known for 30 years. He would never recommend something which he himself has not researched or taken himself. The company who manufactures my TF is 4-Life. Although there are plenty of other companies out there manufacturing and selling it with the name TF, I am skeptical as to whether or not it's the "real deal". My mom ran out of hers and decided to buy from one of those mail order vitamin catalogs because it cost about 1/3 of the price as the one from 4-Life. As it turned out, she had some kind of reaction and didn't take any more. Then when she started to get a relapse of the flu and bronchial infection she had had, she started taking the TF from 4-Life again and warded off further illness. Recently, I caught a terrible cold and upper respiratory infection. I immediately started taking my TF (in triple of normal dose- I had not been taking it daily anymore). The symptoms began to dissipate and I never had to go to the doctor. My husband caught my cold a couple of days after me and did not take any TF. About 3 days into his cold, he also went into a bad upper respiratory infection and ended up at the doctor for antibiotics. The whole point of this is that I don't think all TF brands are alike and I'm going to go with one that I know my trusted doctor friend has put a stamp of approval on.
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    I understand what you are saying about TF's perhaps not all being equal. But you also have to put them in the proper catagories as well.

    There are the general type TF's without antigens for specific viruses and then there are the TF's with antigens for specific viruses.

    4-Life doesn't have antigens. It may be a great product otherwise but it will not stop reactivation of HHV6, EBV or CMV effectively in CFIDS. Dr. Brewer's studies have shown this to be true.

    I know that PH general TF's, 4-Life and ImmuneCare 64 are all very good products from personal use. I certainly would not waste my money on some off brand. The internet has multiple sites selling TF but I wouldn't be comfortable buying from them.

    I have used multiple PH products for a couple of years and they are very good quality & I trust them. Dr. Brewer a top infectious disease specialist recommends IC64 & its working for me. My personal ND recommended 4-Life which I used for awhile but it didn't have antigens so I changed TF's. I even used 4-Life TF pet stress pack to get my puppy well again.

    I agree you should know that you are buying good quality TF. Otherwise you are just wasting your money & not helping your immune system.


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    I have only a slight reaction to the TF 200 sold here, but when I take the TF C, I get sick as all get out. ProHealth has excellent quality products, but there can be a big difference in what each targets, as CelticLadee said above. TF C targets a whole slew of pathogens and is much more potent than any of the other TF's.

    There are good TF's out there, but one has to be sure of the quality before buying.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was using Pro Health's Advanced Medical Labs Transfer Factor Basics with Transfer Factor Matrix 2000. Is this the same as the 4-Life product?

    I was using this and it increased my fatigue to the point that I was in bed most of the day. I mentioned the herxing to my doctor and he said that herxing is not normal and he took me off the TF.

    He is trying to build up my immune system and adrenals before he puts me back on the TF.


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    Hi Abby-

    Gee, I really don't know but 4-Life is a manufacturer. I don't know what you are actually taking TF for. I have fibromyalgia but mainly I was taking it to keep my immune system up, particularly during flu season. My doctor had said that I really don't need to keep taking it daily...only when I felt the onset of a cold or something, he told me to start taking it immediately and triple the dose. I am partial to the 4-Life product because I know he has personally researched it. He has recommended as the best daily vitamin supplement, Juice Plus which has all the benefits (and better) of a multi-vitamin and gives the body what it needs on a daily basis. The TF has now become my "big guns" when I think I'm getting sick.
    He put his daughter on TF and she really improved. She was stricken with a childhood rheumatoid arthritis and at 14, she couldn't get in and out of the bathtub. She made remarkable improvement on the TF.
    I wish I could have answered your original question, but I believe the TF you mentioned is a different manufacturer.
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    Transfer Factor Essentials sold by Prohealth is definitely a real Transfer Factor (although NOT a targeted one). It is a general one combined with a mixture of supplements like Folic Acid, B-12, Zinc, etc.

    It is a good product but may not be the right one for you.

    The way a doc explained the Transfer Factor product to me...is that 4Life holds the original patent and in turn sells it to other manufacturers. The other maufacturers make general TF's as well as targeted ones. Targeted means that it is targeted to help the immune system fight a specific virus (like EBV or bacteria).

    Some of these other vitamin places have realized that there is money to be made by selling something that is not really a transfer factor and at a cheap price. Sorry to say but I don't know how to tell the difference.

    So, when it comes to Transfer Factors it seems best to me to stick with a reputable company.

    I respect your doc's opinion to discontinue the TF for now. You might want to tell him/her about this messageboard and that some of us are having severe reactions and are cutting back on the amount we use. Taking it every other day or every third day or 1/2 capsule or tablet. Something for your doc to think about....

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    My bottle says it is distributed by Pro Health Inc. in Santa Barbara, CA.

    I did tell my doctor who is an autoimmune specialist about this board and he said that there shouldn't be any type of reactions to the TF (no herxing). He said it is not a normal reaction and he stopped me from taking it immediately.

    He is now trying to strengthen my adrenals and immune system so that I can handle the TF.

    Thank's for all the info!


    ANNXYZ New Member

    about targeted TF & its results raising NK cells &
    wiping out infections . There was a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the studies between plain colostrum & that formulated to target specific pathogens ! The Immune Care 64 is helping me after 3 1/2 mos ( Assoc W/ DR BREWER ) & Immunity Today .

    Like Mikie, for some reason I had a REALLY rough time W/ Immune C. Taking targeted TF is not for the faint of heart , but even though I was skeptical & felt worse for a long time , IT IS WORKING!!!!!
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    I was taking 4-life TF for a bit over a year but it didnt help me much,i have cfs and was still getting a lot of colds and infections so my doctor took me off them. Its was also too expensive, i thought of trying less expensive brands but i didnt want to risk wasting even more money.
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    Pro Health's Advanced Medical Labs Transfer Factor Basics with Transfer Factor Matrix 2000 is far superior over the 4-Life product. Do not think that they are the same.
    4 life is a MLM now focused on making money, not researching to progress of their product. Pro Health is evolving to have a professional like specifically for Doctors hense they introduce Advanced Medical Labs.
  11. Mikie

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    They are the eqivalant to taking oral vaccines. They are made with live viruses which stir up the immune system just as though one has contracted the virus(es).

    I had a horrible reacton to the TF C, but I am back to taking it by opening the capsules and putting a very small amount on a spoon then placing it under my tongue.

    My reaction is now tolerable and I plan to keep doing it this way. My doc saw no danger from taking the TF despite the reaction. The original TF was invented by a doctor who graduated from the Harvard School of Medicine and is well respected in immunology.

    Love, Mikie