will this crap ever go away?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ccaler, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. ccaler

    ccaler New Member

    ok i am new have been struck with this fibro dung stuff very angry need real answers i healed myself from cfs ten years ago after suffering for 3 being bed ridden thoought i would never heal has anyone healed from this stuff? I also have II diabeties, pancretitous, 75% failed kidneys, and now this
    Holy, moly
  2. ccaler

    ccaler New Member

    You have lifted my spirits and I will follow your suggestions.
    I have an understanding family and now I have a greater support system. In pain right now so must go.
    Thankx again CJCaler
    go to web page benturnedaround.com if you want to see what i do with my time
    CJ Caler
  3. ccaler

    ccaler New Member

    My kidneys have been destroyed from injesting 14 long hard suffering years of ststin drugs to lower lipid levels of 5 thousand. I have many tough things to work out, but I never give up. I am song writer, artist, and write children's stories. our message will help me, thankx for caring.
    CJ Caler
    go to benturnedaround.com if you want to see some of my web page work.

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