will using a juicer help cfs? prob not, but if it does i will let you know!

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    well we shall see! my brother just got a used one for $10.00! its a "juiceman ll". i am so excited. i have wanted to try juicing for a long time. so i just had to use this thing right away. whatever was in fridge went in- apples carrots celery brocolli strawberries. and ya know what-- that juice was pretty good! so i started with something tasty, but will have to try something more green and less fruity. it probably wont make a big difference with my cfs, but it should help my overall health a little- due to eating (or should i say drinking) more veggies and fruits.


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    I'm willing to bet that it will help some. I have a juicer that I LOVE! Bought it online for $10 a couple years ago. I will use it for a couple days, then go MONTHS without using it.

    If you want, you and I can be GUINEA PIGS. I will commit to juicing every single day for at least 2 months. I will drink AT LEAST 8 oz. of fresh squeezed juice, some days more. These are my favorites: Carrots, celery, apple, garlic. If I am making enough to have a glass later in the day, I add just a squirt of lemon or lime juice to keep the juice from oxidizing and put it in a covered jar.

    Anyone else want to try it with us?
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    are you putting all those together? Sounds good except maybe for the garlic-? Never tried that in a cold drink. I have done juicing off & on and I know I felt better for whatever reason... my fave is parsley, some beet, granny smith apple, & carrot & ginger.

    My son when he finally realized he had to participate in his own health started using my Vitamix - makes "soup" of the whole veggie/fruit - loves broccoli & pear together, not sure what else he put in it (whey powder and other stuff I think) - but I couldn't drink it cuz of the broccoli. I love it cooked, but not raw....

    BTW there are a lot of suggestions online of what to combine for what conditions you have - of course, the more "green" the better, as well as other darker fruits.
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    If you get serious about juicing, a Juiceman won't last very long with a lot of use. Maybe about a year. The best way to judge a good juicer is by the warranty. The longer the warranty, the better quality the machine. I have an Omega juicer and the warranty is for 15 years. Most juicers are anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

    I definitely believe that juicing will help with your health. It won't cure CFS or FM, however, you are getting a big whack of vitamins and minerals and are, therefore, building your immune system. You don't get the fibre, but if you are also eating healthy, you probably get enough fibre anyways.

    True, it takes a few minutes to clean the machine, but in the long run it is worth it - at least to me it is, anyways!
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    I would absolutely support you juicing! I have juiced for yrs. It may not make you feel tons better, what it will do for you is help your overall health. Good nutrition is so important because we are very suseptable to getting cancer and everything else.

    Another good thing about it is that it really helps control your weight. That may not be a problem for you, but it is a huge problem for me and others. Juicing has really helped me control my weight. Good nutrition is our protection from something worse.

    Happy juicing!
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    When I was first sick I went to a neurologist who told me "you're just a type a personality and need a vacation, get out there and meet some new men".

    Believing him, I went to Cozumel, Mexico with a girlfriend. I was so very sick, could just barely walk to my room. She knew people who lived there so I stayed in the back house of this woman from Canada. She introduced me to a Mexican Shaman about my health problems.

    The Shaman gave me a recipe for things to juice that would make me well. I got home and made constant trips to the grocery store hauling back beets, watercress, apples, oranges, and lots of other things I have now forgotten.

    Unfortunately my health did not improve and I think it worsened from carrying all the heavy vegetables from the store so often.

    But I do have juice, although I haven't used my Juiceman since that episode. I'm sure it's good for you, but couldn't cure me.

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    Guess I will let you know that Dr. Cheney is against fruit for CFS. He can prove that
    it reduces our "free energy" whatever that means. I no longer eat fruit...most of
    the time.

    Rich Carson who owns this site is a religious juicer of organic foods. He reported that
    he would love to give it up but after a week without it he wains (is that right).
    Personally, I think he has help in going to the Organic Market, getting the stuff
    home, soaking it in water for a few hours, the dividing it in plastic bins (one for
    each day of the week) and refridgerating it.

    Cheney likes us to have greens that are as near to fresh out of the ground as possible.
    Tender, green thingys.


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    Yes, I like carrots, celery, apples and garlic, together. Love it. Don't use TOO MUCH garlic as it might make you promptly throw up. Two cloves is what works best for me.

    Aside from getting vitamins and minerals, juicing provides live enzymes.
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    I really don't know if you were interested in my post yesterday! but I was attacked by three people and I decided to delete it! People nowadays are so unhappy with their situations that they seem to feel better trying to bring down people! Well, I'm not one of them and I am honestly here to help with sincere intentions. I just posted something so if you'd like get a hold of me if you are serious that is!


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    You were not attacked yesterday. You were spamming. No one believes for a minute that a detox foot bath is going to make anyone better. That is called the placebo effect.
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    thanks everybody for your info advice and stories about juicing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    elliespad- cool idea!!!- but right now i am not super reliable. i prob wont do it every day. today i was in bed all day sleeping and resting. and i think i have to travel for a week or so coming up soon. and i wont have the juicer with me.

    maybe i should go juice some stuff right now?

    do you guys mean to tell me that if the juicer sits there on my counter, and the veggies are in the fridge, i wont magically get better just by good intentions???? LOL

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    Looks like I'm out too. I burned out the motor on my juicer today. Tried to stuff too many BIG carrots in it, it's dead. Don't know when I'll buy another one. Oh well, it was a good idea.
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    There was a woman soccer player who came down with CFS.
    Went to Cheney. He said, 'either juice, or stop playing soccer.

    She juiced. Took it with her everywhere she went. Couldn't
    do anything but play soccer and juice though. When the
    other players when out, she had to rest.

    A blast from the past....