Will you keep my MOm in your prayers please

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    I got a scarey call from my Mom yesterday, she said that she fell and was banged up really good. I went to check on her and we went to the ER. She has a HUGE black and green, blue, purple , bruise on the underside of her chin, like she fell hard and hit it. She also has a huge cut that runs from her wrist to her elbow and then from her elbow to her arm pit.
    Mom is on blood thinners and pregensone and her skin is so fragile that even holding my 8 monoth old grandson can tear it by just scratching her.
    This is just terrifing as I am worried that she will fall again and break her hip.

    Mom has been sick off and on since last June 2nd. Every thing from Ditiverticulitis, to pneumonia, broken left hip {no hip relacement but has a 30% chance of needing a total hip done}she has had a bad bladder infection that does not want to leave.

    She spent a week in the hosital with this bladder infection on IV meds and fluids.She still has the bladder infection and is still not drinking enough fluids. She is not eating well and tells me that she does not want to eat any more as she will lose it. So I try not to push her to eat. But I know that she needs to gain weight and that means eating more than a few teaspoons of food at a meal.

    Mom did not break any thing in her fall she did however injure her hand and has a few cuts on it. I went over this morning and changed the bandages. So far the wounds look good,no infection so far. Please pray for her that she will be able to eat more and walk better. She needs some help to keep her weight up and not to fall any more.

    Thank you for all the prayers for her, Alice Rogers is her name and she is 80 yrs old now.
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    for your Mother, for all of her needs, and for strength for you as her caretaker. May God tenderly care for her in her old age.