Willingness Vrs. Commitment

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    My husband shared this little story with me which illustrates the difference between being willing and being commited. I thought it was cute and wanted to share it.

    A chicken and a pig shared the same barnyard. One day the chicken said to the pig " you know Farmer Brown is a very nice person, I think we should do something very nice for him."

    "Oh, I agree so whole heartedly Chicken and I am definitely all for it, Count Me IN. What do you think we should do?"

    The chicken thought a moment and replied, " I think we should cook him breakfast"

    "Okay," said the pig, "what do you think he would like?"

    "Ham and eggs" said the chicken.

    The moral of this story is, at this point the chicken is willing but the Pig is commited!

    Michael has shared this with me many times and I can't help but remember all the things I have been "willing" to do because they sounded like fun, or I wanted to help some one.However, I have "backed down" on no few occasions because the tasks took so much commitment. Now that I have this DD, I find that I have to ask God quite frequently for perserverance in some of the smallest things.
    I found this prayer just for these occasions.

    Almighty God, who is the strength of all who labor, I thank you for helping me to begin a good work, give me the perseverance to finish it.
    Let me not be weary in doing well. Show me that if I faint not, I shall reap abundantly in due season.

    When I am tempted to give up anything I have begun, make me feel that if I persevere a little longer, success may come, and that it may be closer than I think.

    Fix my eyes on the end of my task, and let me not pay too much attention to the journey, least I grow discouraged.

    In Jesus' name.


    I hope this blesses you as much as it did me.