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    i want to ask you what u think about dr. cheney and the idio cardi thing. i think it makes alot of sense. when im home i always seem to overdue it. shouldn't be overdoing it at my age 45, but when i clean my home really good, im out of it, i get muscle aches, headaches, backpains, etc. and sometimes sharp little chest pains that last only for a few seconds, and i get the mvp like my heart is beating so hard when i lay down. im thinkin about throwing all this at my doc next week, she's just our family doc. when i've had stress tests, and ekg everything comes all right out. they just say i'm outta shape. DUH. but when i go away camping or even if im at work sitting all day i seem to do better. just wanna know what u think and if you have the same symptoms and what you do about it? thanks my friend