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    For new board members, Harmony, and all, My name is Pixie, mother of Willow, she ask me to post an update and to let you know that although she does not come on board that she is in prayer with you not only Thursday night but in constant daily prayer, she has moved and has not set up her computer, she is doing so much better, left her husband of aprox 15 years, she is a firm believer, and against devorce, however, she has indured years of this, when it came to effect their 14 year old daughter, thats when she took action, some of you may not know, he is quadtrpaligic, she has cared for him and with her illness was just too much, and with the lack of appreciation and concern he had for her, and the virbal abuse, she is a fighter, she will survive, but the upbringing that she has had causes a battle with in itself, my father was a southern Baptist minester, she and her husband are very strong in their church and school, with their donations and time, which time had become less and less due to her illness.
    I know this has been a long drawn out post, but I felt the need for a complete update.
    Please continue to pray for her, as she and I will for all of you.
    I let her know your prayer request, sometimes write them down, so that I do not miss a single one.
    Until later,
    Pixie, Willows mom
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    Dearest Pixie ,

    THANK YOU so much for sharing with us about Willow ! I would like to say , how SPECIAL you are as her mother , to come here and let us know the situation . She is very lucky to have such a wonderful mother ! Willow is very PRECIOUS to us , and we will do anything at all to let her know that we support her decision ! I know it was a hard one for her to make . I too am "Southern Baptist" . I beleive they would not want her to be in an abusive situation of any kind !

    Pixie , please give Willow our LOVE ! I will be sending up prayers for her . Please let her know that we are all here for her , and that she has a place to come where everyone loves and understands ! Let her know how very PROUD we are of her , and that we know she has the STRENGTH to begin anew ! THANK YOU again Pixie for letting us know , and THANK YOU for being such a loving mother to our dear Willow ! Sending both of you a very , very big basket of tender , loving (((HUGS))) aplenty ! God bless you .

    With much love & RESPECT . Nonie
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    What a decision that must have been for her to make.
    I was raised around my Grandmother who was a Pentacostal Minister, same hard core line re: divorce.

    Ridding our lives of stress is the most difficult thing we have to do. And this does mean, at times, being rid of family that are an aggrivant to our health. I have found this to be the hardest thing ever in my life.
    I am sending up Prayers for her strength and continuing Good health.

    God Bless and Good Health!
    Jackie F
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    Hi Pixie,
    I want to also thank you for letting us know how Willow is. I was concerned since we hadn't heard from her or yourself in a while. Tell her I'm praying for her. I'm sorry she has to go through such an ordeal but in the long run it is what is best for her. God understands her situation and I don't think would want her to stay in that kind of a relationship. Divorce is sometimes necessary and God will take good care of her. Maybe with less stress in her life now, her health will improve in time and she can get back to what she likes to do in church and helping out in the school. Like Nonie and others already said, you are a wonderful Mother and that is great she has you. Thanks also Pixie, for your prayers and for sharing our requests with Willow. Please give her our love and we will look forward to seeing her here again when she can.

    Love & Hugs to you both,
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    Believe it or not it was a Pentecostal minister who told me to divorce my first husband. I'll be praying for Willow.

  6. Shirl

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    Pixie, thank you for sharing, I was wondering what had happened to Willow also. What tremendous decisions she has been confronted with. What a strong young lady she is. Knowing you are her Mom, that does not surprise me in the least.

    As for the seperation, I can't see where God would want anyone, man, woman or child to live in disharmony, if it takes a divorce to live in peace, then so be it.

    I will pray for her and you, you are the most wonderful Mom I think I have ever heard of! I know I am, and always have been right there for my children, but LADY, I think you have me beat!

    Know that I am praying for your family.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. I have also hear of Baptist and Pentecostal ministers tell people to get a divorce!