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    Hi,you're the only person that answered me about the fha question. How long did you pay the 300 before they foreclosed on you? Did they send you a letter before they did it letting you know? How long will you have before you have to be out of the house? I don't want to lose it but if they keep raising the pmt I'll have no choice.

    Did you know your pmts. would go up so much if the ins and taxes did? I didn't.They didn't explain this to me. My ins. has gone from 234. the first year to 1000. this yr. It's only been 5 yrs.

    Apparently they lowered the subsidy after my ins. went up. It's supposed to be a low income loan. But to me when it takes nearly all of one paycheck to pay it it's not. Do you know if I should contact them about any of this and what if anything might be done?

    Thank You. Keke

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