Win $100,000 for CAA, please read now

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    Just found out that CAA is in a contest - it's already started!!

    This is not the Chase Giving Contest - it's a new one

    go to the link below:

    log into your Facebook account from the link
    click on "endorse" in the top menu bar
    You will see icons for each region - click on the eastern region and scroll down to CAA
    click on CAA and their page will pop up
    scroll down to the bottom and click "endorse"
    Every day from now through June 11, we have to go in and "Endorse" them again

    The top 20 most endorsed charities from each region will move on to Phase II.

    Phase II
    June 14 - August 27 is the voting phase

    You have to go in and "vote" for one charity per day. The charity that has earned the most overall votes will then be awarded $250,000. The remaining charities that earn the most from each of the regions will each receive a $100,000 donation.

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