Wind and change in air pressure is causing my more pain

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    have a question, do high winds and change's in the air pressure cause more pain thru out my whole body?
    I am asking because last night we have a lot of High winds and windgusts, it felt l had beenpulled theu a knothole backwards. I have places on my body that hurt , sore muscles in my legs, groin and arms, muscles in my hips and thighs are making walking today miserable. I could not slep well due to the high winds that were screaming around the house and blowing stuff around.
    My legs ache s much today that I just dont' want to move because it will only make me hurt worse. I feel like I have been hit by a mack truck, over exercised, and just plain over did it and yet I didn't do much yesterday just load and unloading my dishwasher.

    Also I don't know if this matters or not but when the wind gusts were so strong and blowing things around crashing stuff, I felt like I was closed in a room and could not get out. I felt so antsy, I don't remember feeling like this during a wind storm.

    We didn't get any rain just the high wind gusts and yet I feel like I have been in a bad storm.
    What is going on with my body? Why did I react like this, I am so confused as to why I can't remember teh reasons, symptons that come along with fibro and MPS, osteo-arthritis in both knee's, I have alot of pain in my left wrist that I shattered about 9 years ago and has a titainum plate and screws holding my radius and wrist bones together. Today my left wrist is causing me more pain than usual. I feel like my body is broken and yet it is not , just does not work right.

    In the months since mom passed I have had strange symptoms that I have not had before. Like itching all over. I was out in the sun and wearing sunscreen and my arms and back got sunburned, my arms broke out in hives and no I have scabs where I scratched the itching hives I found out that I can't use some sunscreens due to the amont of chemicals in them. I have been wearing ones that only have titiaum dioxide and one ther thing in it. What is going on with my body and why am I reacting to sun now .
    Srry for the long psot and many questions