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    I used the wrong name in a sorry...I changed is when I said--well said, Holly. You probably figured it out. It must have been late, or me having gone a few nights without a good nights rest.
    Anyway, a little more said about that post, this old world is becoming as predicted, pretty much there. Not sure how much more our loving Father can let these things go on. I do believe one thing for sure..yes, I believe that no one here is perfect...there's only been one..and yes, I believe He expects us to do our best, every day trying to make it a better day, a loving day to all around us. Everyone's best is different than the others, because our situation is different, but we keep trying don't we? Having that unconditional love is something powerful, and I have to try hard at times for some around me, but at least I'm, it all comes down to loving thoughts.
    So, love to you all!
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    Yes, I figured out you meant me. :)

    Just last week I completely forgot how to spell my Grandmother's last name, for an official purpose. And only remembered part of her name! I was so shocked. I had to look through old letters to see it spelled again, when I came home. She was the closest person to me in my family - it was like forgetting my own name. Horrible feeling.

    Then a few days ago, I went to set my alarm clock - and completely forgot how. I've had the same clock for 10 years. I tried again later - still got it wrong.

    I've been reading articles on inflammation of the myelin sheath around the brain - and the spine being inflamed. Researching, and taking new supplements for that.

    I'll go back to the thread to pick up the discussion.

    Hope all is well with you. That was sweet of you to correct the 'fog moment'.

    Love, Judy
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    You are a sweetheart for replying.
    Yes, fog moment is the perfect way to put put me at ease for that.
    I have had those days that you are talking about. I've also heard about inflammation that you are talking about. With MS, we hear about that. What type of supplements are you taking for it? I have heard that rest is actually a good thing..put that brain to rest, even for just a half an hr or so. Lay down, or sit back in a recliner..and rest, make sure your eyes are closed. Everyone in my home knows that I usually have a "rest my eyes" time out as I call it, but I also know it's helping me with a lot of other things...memory. lol...I should "rest" before I come on the computer and visit! Let us know if you learn anything that is really helping with the mylein sheath inflammation. I have a son with spina bifida...also has an impact on his health, his being mostly along the lower spine.
    Love, Cynthia
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    Just wanted to reply to the important thing that you said here. I totally agree about how important - crucial it is for us to be as loving as we can be - to those around us - to all in our sphere. To whoever God brings into our lives, our hearts.

    And that out sufferings can grow us into having greater compassion, empathy, and the willing heart to help and heal and care for others!

    And we can look to God always to increase our capacity to love.

    Love, and thankfulness for fellowship.


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    I just started taking turmeric for inflamation.

    And coconut oil - I'm only up to 1/4 to 1/2 a tsp. per day. Testing it out for me.

    I think the article was on 'Brain Fog'. I e-mail the articles to myself to file, so I can look it up again. It was the first time I had ever read about the myelin sheath around the brain.

    Blessings to your baby Grandson, and hatching chicks, and family :)

    Love, Judy
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    I haven't tried it personally, but have been giving it to my Old Golden with the mast cell tumors he has all over. When I started giving it to him, he had a tumor bleeding and very swelled on the lower tummy area. I started the turmeric, and next thing I know, it's way down in inflammation and no more bleeding. When I took him to the vet, he told me to keep doing what ever it was I was doing, because it seemed to be working. My Golden had a brother put down from these same tumors last year..he had them taken out, but they kept coming back, until the poor guy just couldn't take any more stress on that body. I also give my dog Ester C, easier on the stomach, and, more protein. I think Rainbow first told me about turmeric. Glad she did!
    Maybe I should try this for my back now? Hmmm...inspiration from a Health Board, on the inspiration page..imagine that! :) I wonder why we don't think of these things on our own sometimes..oh yes, brain fog...but it is a good way to make good conversation with folks we've come to know through the internet. My, how things have changed in this old world.
    Thanks for the blessings!
    Love, Cynthia
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    Glad I came on here and mentioned my dogs problems, and you mentioned this. I really truly wouldn't have tried it otherwise..I wouldn't have known. And yes, I believe that is the real reason his brother isn't here today, they kept taking the tumors out, he kept getting more. My Golden has slowed down on getting more, at least from what I can tell. He has such a thick coat. Guess I'll see when he gets that very much needed bath!
    Take care! Cynthia