Windblade ( Dear Sister)

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    You are in the center of my heart and prayers. How are you doing off the drug you stopped taking? I know they can be one of our best friends or one of our worst enemies.

    I'm praying that our chat's did not disrupt your healing. I am also praying for Asa, Misty and Mari. And for all who can't bring themselves to look into that mirror yet.

    Just knowing there are others that understand is a huge thing for me. I'm looking forward to talking to you soon. But for now I will praying for you.

    Dear Jesus, take care of my new sister. Do not let negative emotion that she can't control, cause her more pain. Fill her with your love and the warmth of the Holy Spirit. Please wrap your arms around her and let her rest in the knowledge that you are right beside her. We her family ask this in your Blessed Name. Amen

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    Your prayer for peace for me landed right in the center of my heart - I've been experiencing this sense of calm as I am still not able to sleep more than 2-3 hours.

    My dear new sister, do you know how thrilled I was seeing what God was doing with us all gathering together. The 'Wounded Healers' I think of us as being.

    But my deep hope and prayer is that step by step we will help each other be healers to ourselves!!!! We need and deserve that.

    Our chat's have given me the greatest sense of satisfaction! Of wonder and awe at God's caring for us!!! Just as you said: He knew about our horrible families, and planned to give us heavenly ones! What a wonderful thought, and I sense strongly that it is true!

    LOve you,

    Trying to get un-groggy :)

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    How is everything going for you? Sending prayers your way, and grieving for all you are going through.

    Love, Judy

    p.s. Please reach out whenever you need to talk

    Bless you hon!
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    Slept for 4 hours!!! What a relief. I woke up feeling more human. Thank you, dear sister, for your loving prayers!

    If there is anyway I can help you .... I care so much.

    Lots of love,
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    Dear De,

    Praying for all you are going through now! For pain and anxiety, sorrow and losses. All of it - Our Lord knows it all and tenderly is with you.

    The terrible med. is leaving my system - I just got another 4 hours sleep. Thank you for your faithful prayers.

    De, my sister, I think that when we go through terrible things, our inner child hurts badly. I am praying special prayers for the precious child you were, and who still has feelings that need to be met.

    Love yourself ESPECIALLY now!!! Please come here and talk or pray or cry, whatever you need to.

    I remember thinking that we need to erase the bad parts of our lives. WE DO, and need to replace them with the truth, that we are and were lovable, deserving, a prize to God, and priceless in His eyes.

    Remember that you have a new family now - a new sister. My heart has bonded with yours! Let us keep helping each other.

    Your inner child/self needs not to be erased, but SAVED. Loved, and nurtured, and Mothered.

    I know this for a fact - from the wisdom learned in therapy/healing, and from my own experience. It is CRUCIAL to our survival.

    Special love sent to you, darling De.

    May Jesus hold you tenderly in His arms, with His enormous love for you.

    In His precious and Holy Name, Amen