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    Knowing that you're dealing with mold problems, I happen to come across this site. Talks all about the hidden molds in our foods....including organic. What an eye opener. Even leftover foods NOT to be in frig for more than 24 hrs because they can start forming mold. Yikes. I need to make some drastic changes.
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    Thanks for the info. I threw away 2 things in fridge that had been lingering after I read this. Also copied down site. I think I've been there before. This past year have researched so much on mold. Found so many things that help, but still a long, slow process, cleaning and clearing remaining household things.

    And hardest thing - getting it out of the body. Have a good Dr. though.

    Our latest effort - my dh bought a microwave for our books. Nuking them, then vaccing with special hepa filter. I had read about it in a mold book by specialists.

    The great sunlight in our present apartment helps a lot too. But it will take at least a year to go through everything. But we have to move again cause I can't deal with living on 2 floors. Kitchen and bathroom downstairs. Bedroom up.

    Thanks for thinking of me!
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    It's such a giant chore, even for healthy people, but doubly hard for what you've got. How soon will this be?

    I used to want a two story house, but now I thank God that he found this large one story for us. I just can't make it up my daughter's stairs very often, and find that I think 3 times before climbing the stairs. Even my 5 year old granddaughter has seen those "chairs" that go up and down the stairs and she's mentioned that's what I need. LOL!