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    Tonight I'm praying for your peace of mind. I pray also dear one that you keep looking up and remember if needed I will be there to hold your head up above the water as you did for me today. Blessings De
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    I really love you De!!! I have been having struggles with bad side effects from a pschytropic medicine for 2 weeks.
    Horrible - I finally couldn't bear it anymore, and called my psychiatrist, and she told me to stop taking it.

    I've also only been able to sleep for 1 - 3 hours. I HATE that: BUT my heart and soul is SO FILLED UP with awe and joyful wonder with what God is doing right here among us.

    Your prayer for peace of mind for me has been filled to overflowing! It is an undercurrent, gently filling me throughout whatever I am doing!

    And Dejovu, I want you to promise that if you hit a dark time with all you're going through, you will COME TO US!!!

    And we've had the same horrific childhoods which can bring up unexpected pain. I strongly sense that Our Lord is working powerfully for our healing.

    Always talk to me when you need; I've lived through it, and now God has made us sisters!!! I've always wanted a sister :). I will stand by you through anything!

    God loves you, dear DE, and I love you too, as do many here. I can sense and see that.

    Dear Father in heaven, thank you for your love; help us to see how DIFFERENT you are from those that hurt us so badly.
    How EAGER you are to comfort and be intimate with us.
    In Jesus' Holy Name, Amen