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    You asked about me in a post on Stacey's thread. I just found that post.

    Oh, the wedding was the most stressful event I have had to go through since 1995, when I got FMS. I didn't realize I would end up with so many problems and so ill from it, though. Wedding was on 4/2.

    I'm am much better now and the GERD is getting better from the Nexium 40 mg. med. I still have months to go through to heal completely, I feel.

    I didn't realize at the wedding I was retaining so much fluid. I knew I had gained a lot of weight from checking the scales, but I didn't know why.

    I also lost a toenail on my left big toe and had a pretty bad situation near the time John and Vicki were leaving the church. I had to go and sit in the truck and when I took my shoe off, there was blood everywhere and my toenail was sitting sideways on my foot.

    The only thing I can think of was I was retaining so much fluid that the pressure from the dress shoes just was too much for the nail. I have never known that to happen to anyone before.

    Just was able, last night, to remove most of the loose scab on that toe and don't know if the nail will grow back or not. I still have a scab near the cuticle about 1/4" high.

    Thanks for asking and sorry for the long post.

    Love & prayers,
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    You poor thing! Ouch, that must have been so painful - I hope it will heal up okay.

    I put the rest of my reply on your other post.

    ((HUGS)) Judy