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    I read your post to Caffy and I thought, Yea my sister sounds so good.

    I have been so worried about you and how you have been doing.

    It has been such a long time. And I have missed you.

    It was like both of us had a rough summer and needed to go to Gods healing place to rest.

    It's been a slow path back but I'm on my way back and it sounds like you are also.

    Please write and tell me how you are doing. You are always in my prayers. Much love and blessings. De
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    Hi De sweetie,

    I am really fighting exhaustion! Today, I'm trying to gather together enough energy to make it to my therapy session. Digging deep down into the psyche - into the unconscious is such enormous work, and takes so much energy.

    Yesterday I went to take a nap at 12:30 pm and woke up the next day in the early afternoon! Whoah, I am so, so tired.

    How are things going in your day-to-day life? What's happening with work and energy and all?

    I love reading your prayers - they are so beautiful and filled with love.

    Lots of love,
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    Life is strange to me these days. Nothing is quite the same. New house, no husband, no job.

    I am doing pretty good most of the time. Have had to change meds. due to no insurance. So my body keeps trying to revolt. That may be the worst of all this.

    But really not in that dark place, so I am thankful for that. Gods been so faithful in keeping that away from me.

    You sound sooooooooo very good and that makes me so happy. I know your tired but you do sound so much better. Your progress has got to be so encouraging.

    I keep you in my prayers and think of you often. Write when you feel like it and let me know how you are. Blessings, De
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    Hi dear sister,

    No wonder you are feeling odd with SO MANY major changes and losses in your life! That is so hard to deal with ordinarily, and add sickness, change of meds. Whewwww, just take each day slowly.

    On the other hand, it's so wonderful to have you here so much. I really missed you when you were gone.

    Sending love and prayers,

    May Our Lord wrap you up tight in His loving embrace, and guide and help you through each day.

    Love, Judy
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    Hi hon, back again. I just read your prayer request, and I know by experience how agonizing it can be to go through the withdrawal of certain meds. At one point my Dr. lowered my Klonopin too drastically and quickly, and at a certain point I couldn't even be in the same room as my husband, my nervous system was in such screeching pain.

    It really is a big deal to go through. Can you reduce by degrees, which is bad enough, or have your meds. been completely stopped?

    Please keep reaching out for prayer and support - until your body adjusts - we will hold on tight to you, and help you through.

    I found that anything distracting helped - for me it is reading or even sleeping extra if necessary.

    Are you switching to another med.?

    Love you a lot, dear De, and will keep praying!
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    Life has been a little rough. I was married 31 yrs. so it's like I have never not been married. He just couldn't deal with the RA.

    I lived in the country with horses and pets. Now I'm a city girl or at least trying. I miss them though.

    The med's I was on were very expensive. Remicade 6000.00 per treatment monthly, that had to go along with some others. But the worst was going as they say cold turkey off cymbalta. That has been a real nightmare.

    I tried sleeping more but the nightmares of childhood came back, probably due to the withdrawal. So I'm reading everything I can get my hands on, including the dictionary.

    Right now I'm spending my time in prayer and it is what is keeping me going.

    Don't take all this as a bad thing. I'm not in the well of darkness, God has seen fit to keep me out of there.

    Thankyou for your prayers. I need them and do appreciate them. Blessings, De

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    Wow, Bravo to you for going through so much! And thanks to our Lord for caring for you, and carrying you like the faithful shepherd that he is.

    I will keep praying for this difficult time of change. And thank you for your beautiful prayers.

    I still get recurring nightmares at times. Sleep is not very refreshing when you wake up from them, that's for sure.

    Do you like city life? I lived in a small city on the Hudson for 9 years, and loved being only 10 minutes from New York City for art galleries, bookstores, cafes. But I didn't like the noise, so it was a mixture.

    Can you have your library mail you books? Hangininthere has that service in her city.

    I rely so much on focusing on the Good Shepherd carrying me when I am too weak or sick in any way. I have a nun friend who also has CFS, and she sends me bookmarks, and photos on this theme. It is very comforting to rest in, no matter what I'm feeling, that this is the very ground of my reality. I can let go then, and just cry, or grieve, and talk to Jesus about everything.

    Keeping you in my prayers, dear sister. Thank you for sharing, so that I know how you are doing.

    With lots of love,