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    I pray for you every morning. I will now know somen specific things to pray for. I am so sorry you are going through such a hard time. I pray that you can feel Jesus arms wrapping around you and comforting you. You know His heart breaks when you are feeling like this.

    I pray that His love will surround you in such a way that you will feel His peace and love telling you that you are going to be okay.

    Take care, dear sister and know I will be praying.

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    What a comfort to know that you are praying for me every day! Yes, I will fill you in with more details, thank you!

    I loved it when you said that Jesus' heart breaks when I am feeling like this, and about His arms wrapping around me.

    That's what I kept praying, and longing for last night - during a long night. Longing for the good shepherd's tender care.

    I printed out everyone's replies - and see them as God's way of reaching out to me, and bringing comfort.

    Thank you for your loving response - I am SO THANKFUL for our worship group.

    Love, Judy