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    Judy: I am sorry I missed you today. My dad has Alzheimers and he is getting his affairs in order and wanted to see me today so I just got your post now.
    Sat. is good. Let me know what time and I'll be there. In the meantime make sure you eat and get some rest. I am praying for you. By the way you are not bothering me. ok? You need to know that. The enemy is probably screaming in your ear that you shouldn't bother me. eh? Tell him to take a hike.
    Love ya
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    Yes, let's try Saturday. Do you have a regular schedule each day? Let me know, and I'll choose a time.

    Love, Judy
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    I've followed some of your post to each other, and there was one, i can't find it now, but i really agreed, or connected with what you both were saying.

    I think it was something about church and chronic illness??

    Anyways i was too tired to post that day, I feel like i've missed out on this developing friendship between you, but i'm glad you have formed it.

    I didn't seem like i could connect with Judy for the longest time, then i started to hang out on the chitchat board, mainly with Georgia. And i've just been too tired to keep up with both boards!

    What i'm getting at is, If you girls are going to exchange email info. I would like to join you, if your just planning on a personal discussion, i don't want to interfere.
    There have been several times when i would have like to just email you separetly Judy, but just didn't know if you were up to it??
    Sometimes it's hard to keep up with emails, and messageboards. I understand if you don't want to.

    Caffey, i love your reply's to people, and your strength in the Lord. I would guess you are a person who spends time with Him. Thank you for your graciousness on this board.

    Love, and hugs,
    to both of you.

    P.s. If i'm overstepping my bounds please just say so, I do not want to get in the way of any ministrying between you two and God.

    I have a feeling Caffey has something personal to share just with windblade. So what ever you decide is fine, i remain your steadfast friend, and will keep you both in prayer.

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    Judy I am flexible anytime on Sat. I must warn you that there is a glitch in their program it is a little rocky communicating but it seems to straighten out after a few moments. So let me know when you want to do this. I am looking forward to it. I want to meet with you alone and I will send a post to Morningsonshine and we can get together for a general chat soon if you want ok. So we will meet in the sinusitis room ok?
    Love ya
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  5. windblade

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    Wow, how exciting!

    Cath, I'll meet you at 1:00 p.m in Sinusitis.

    And Mist, I left you a note on our thread. I would LOVE to exchange email addy's. I've kind of thought about it too, but I'm shy about asking.

    Would you mind if it's a separate time from Cath, I get really woozy in chat - it goes so fast.

    Blessings to you both!
  6. caffey

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    Talk to you at 1pm