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    Im sorry i missed reading about your mother in law being ill and your husbands accident.
    So relieved to know husband wasnt hurt. But sorry to hear about the car.

    I hope mother in law is better soon. And good things happen now and hereafter.
    I tried to see how to send an email but didnt know how so writing here.

    I have been only skimming messages since i seem always to be in a hurry because of the
    power cuts and having to finish the mailing and ironing and other electric related work.
    So i must have missed your post when you first wrote.

    I was feeling rather sluggish but seem to be climbing out of it slowly but surely. My
    breathing and meditation help me so much, although of course, there are times when
    one feels overwhelmed. Luckily, today is not one of those days, hence you see me
    typing away here, lol.

    You take care..i read in your profile about u loving landscapes and water colours,
    the site is wonderful in that you can see absolutely stunning photos
    of landscapes and everythng, maybe you will have enough energy to take up a sketch
    pen and sketch something from it, or your paintbrushes and paint a few strokes, Im sure
    the beauty of your loving heart would come out in anything you paint.

    Also today is 31st here, so i take this opportunity to wish you a HAPPY, HEALTHY, 2010!

    God Bless
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    Hi Dear Friend - Yes, it has been some time since we connected. It was a happy surprise to see your message here. And a Happy New Year to you too, a little late. :)

    I have a Gastrointestinal Virus this week - UGH - this is the sickest I've been in a while. Usually my immune system is so up-regulated - I can knock off viruses or colds if I catch them in the beginning. But this one won.

    I've been enjoying your new flickr photos. Wow - what a rich feast for the eyes. I love the combination of old stone and intricate woodwork in Khatmandu, in the street scene you shot, outside the temple restaurant. Plus I remember in your home, paving stones in your courtyard, and your large, wooden front door.

    I feel so at home with those architectural materials. I get cravings for Italy and France, and the old parts of England too. There are too many new things around me in my part of the U.S. My husband's grandparents - all 4 came from Italy, and we both get that hunger for an older culture.

    The richness and beauty in the Tibetan Buddhist temple is astonishing! Is that far away from where you live? I wasn't sure if it was in Khatmandu or not.

    I laughed at the pic of your son and daughter as the Christmas elf and Santa. So, so adorable - it makes me smile just remembering. And also laughed at your husband surrounded by all of your dogs waiting for a snack there.I was trying to think what his hand gesture meant, "No, you're not getting any of this!" Or, "SO MANY dogs - can I have a little peace.?" LOL

    Going to send this, and come back and ramble on.

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    Your Tinku looks so much like the dog I had from age 14 to 30. I loved her with all my heart, and she saw me through so many dark times!!!

    In your city there are such interesting juxtapositions of ancient and modern - like the restaurant cafe you were at. You looked so glamorous - I also love the beauty of dress materials and styles.

    Thanks for asking about my MIL. I would have posted an update sooner, but have been stuck in bed mostly. She's doing much better, thank God! She's been getting her strength back in a rehabilation center. A close friend of mine gave me important information on medication side effects for the elderly. Crucial information, because the Dr. was saying to my husband that he thought my MIL should be put in a nursing home!!! She was showing some signs of dementia, but after the antibiotics were out of her system, she was back to her normal state of mind.

    When my husband visited her, he said her thinking was as clear as a bell. So we know to not accept everything her Dr. says. Maybe she'll be coming home tomorrow. She lives only a few minutes from us - same town. She went through so much too, that really takes a toll! So it's good to monitor her ourselves. We were so depressed and upset at the speaking of a nursing home.

    I visited my Grandmother in one for 9 years - thankfully after I was married I lived nearby. I found a huge stash of original books from the 1930's - her favorite author - in a quaint old library, and was so joyful to bring her that treat every week. I think she had the most beautiful smile in the world! Her whole face and being would light up. I'm so thankful too that she was the one who taught me my first prayers. I received my first religious teachings with such love.

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    What did you mean about sending an email? Did you mean so Pro-health would notify me that you were sending me a post?

    Or did you mean to send me an e-mail yourself? If you would ever want to write me through emails, I would be happy to give you my address. The board rules are that you have to meet in Chat - at the same time - and you give it there. I'm pretty sure that you're not supposed to on a post.

    I've been keeping you in my prayers - we both fight the same depression, and all the emotional residue from our past lives. But we also both have strong faith, and are persevering in our spiritual pilgrimages.

    I wish you could see yourself and your life from the outside, like I do. You are leading such a rich, full life; yes even with these DD's. And maybe even because of them. It's who you are that is important, and the love you persevere in with your family, your Buddhist path, your care for the creatures you rescue. Your artistic self as a writer, and in your photos. Your response to people. I could go on and on!

    It's so hard for you living in a society that has such a hugely demanding and complex structure. And my prayer for you is that you will give to yourself continuously big doses of self-congratulation!!!

    I don't think that there is anyone around you in your daily life who understands what clinical depression is. Here we have articles, web-sites, commercials, celebrities speaking of their depression. On and on.

    And CFS - what a complex illness. I was so demoralized the last time that I saw my psychiatrist - when she adamantly refused to believe that I am experiencing symptoms that are more severe now. Instead of needing 3 days to recuperate from anything, it is now taking a week or more.

    I am furious just remembering this. I went into a very dark state. But then I spoke out all of my anger to my therapist, Maria - for 45 minutes straight! She said that she heard me being very impassioned and empowered; and I've decided to leave this psychiatrist where I'm only supposed to get meds. I've been too worried about having my meds. reduced or changed by someone new.

    That is a very serious concern, but I've decided I've had enough. I'm going to find someone new. I don't need that garbage from anyone, especially someone who's supposed to be a healer! She does NOT know more than I do about what my body is going through.

    So, my dear friend - keep on keeping on. Sometimes revival and renewal come very unexpectedly into our lives.

    Sending my prayers for you and your family.
    Love, Judy
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    Good to see you come on. I was worried you might have been
    Ill or really busy looking after your DH or MIL.

    I fear anything illness to do with the stomach. Because
    I have such a weak one myself. I hope you are much
    Better now.

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I was going thru my
    Photos and came upon those so thought of posting.
    Yes, some places in Kathmandu are very interesting
    Because of the ancient architecture. However, numerous
    High rises are coming up. Mostly apartment blocks.
    In fact a whole forest to the side of our house was demolished
    Because the Nepalese aristocrats who owned it thought it
    Better to sell it than hang on to it, in light of the communist
    Movement going on and the undercurrent of hostility the
    Common people have towards the very rich. Now they
    Are building a housing estate there and the whirrings
    Of machines don’t stop ever. I was just wondering where
    The fauna all went. A lot of birds had their homes there.

    The Buddhist temple you mentioned is about two hours
    Away from the city up on the hills.

    Im happy your MIL doesn’t have to go to a NH. I have’long
    Since come to the conclusion that most doctors are as
    Confused as the patients. I had met this lady whose son is
    Hooked on drugs and she was telling me she went to this
    Psychiatrist and she thought the psychiatrist was in need
    Of counseling himself. Tomake matters worse it was the
    Doctor I had visited on a few occasions. His method of
    Treatment is just giving meds. I stopped going.

    That’s too bad about your psychiatrist. Often I have wondered
    How do psychiatrists know what patients are going thru when
    They have never experienced the darkness/turmoil/uncertainty
    Themselves. Is it enough to read textbooks? Listen to patients?
    Can one really get to know what one is up against by listening?
    I hope and pray you will find a better and more supportive one, and thank
    Goodness for your therapist. Its good and imperative to have at least
    One person who truly understands.

    Yes, Im aware my life looks good from the outside. Actually,
    It is good. I have everything that is supposed to be necessary
    To be happy. Everything except the ability to be happy. Due
    To an impairment in my brain functioning. LOl. The neurotransmitters.
    However, having come up with some extremely traumatic experiences
    And having grown up in an extremely dysfunctional family, I have
    The ability to look at my life and KNOW what I have now and
    Know that it is good. I try to give thanks for it. And probably am
    More patient with people for it, than if I had always lived a cushy

    Its cold now. It gets to around 3 degrees c in night time, but it
    Wil get warmer soon. I actually love the winter when its bed
    Time, cuddling into the blankets and shutting the world out.
    Summer brings mosquitoes and the heat makes it uncomfortable.
    So Im enjoying the winter as much as I can now unless its really
    Cold and im too cold to want to do my chores.

    Well I better post this before the lights go off. Thank you
    For yor prayers for me and my family. I am feeling much
    Better these last two days

    Take care

    God bless