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    wanted to let you know my niece arrived back here today. i and my brothers and her brother
    went and got her from the airport. there was this lovely sherpa man my sis in law in israel
    had made friends on facebook and without even having met her he agreed to bring my niece
    because my sis in law cried and pleaded with him on the phone. he told us he had given her
    her medication (citalopram it turns out) and said goodbye. I will be ever grateful to him.
    Ill be taking niece to my doc for evaluation and treatment.

    i want to thank you and your friend for your prayers, Judy. I am so grateful and relieved
    that our niece is back with us and not with some strangers. Im also grateful that i understand
    the nature of her illness having had to endure it myself, i dont think any of her people understand it, really.

    She looked very wel on the surface, fair and glowing but when i told her she was not to worry
    about anything now except getting well, her eyes filled with tears, her face has the look of one who has suffered too much in too less a time, and i love her so much, Judy, no one should
    have to suffer depressive disease. Especially not such young people.

    I ve been thinking about you, and sending out thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless

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    Thank you for sharing all the details. Such good news - if I was her, poor darling, I would want to be home, and with my family.

    I am so thankful that she is home, and has an Aunt who will understand her, and help her!!!

    My prayer partner/friend also suffers from depression, and has your niece tucked into her heart, lovingly determined to see her safe and cared for.

    Your understanding will be priceless to your niece.

    Thank you for your prayers, Spring. I've been going through a long bout of depression and PTSD struggles, and now have some kind of virus that has been keeping me in bed. So I appreciate the sacred and healing energy sent to me.

    But basically I'm okay. Will be back on my feet soon.

    Much love sent to your niece, and prayer for wisdom in your care for her.

    It's a beautiful thing to be connecting in prayer like this from our different places in the world.

    So beautiful.

    Love, Judy
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    so relieved to hear from you. I did think maybe you were suffering a slump or something
    or some other health issue came up.

    I am praying you are better soon and your dear friend also.

    God BLess