Winning Social Security Disability w/o Mental

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    Has anyone here won their disability claim with Social Security based on fibromyalgia with physical symptoms? My hearing is in a few months and my symptoms are primarily physical including constant pain (severe w/o medication, more bearable on Vicodin), muscle spasms, IBS, irritable bladder, extremely painful periods, migraines, asthma, and fatigue. Although I have had panic attacks for many years, they are mostly mild. The main problem I have that could be considered mental is I cannot concentrate and pay attention because I am either in great pain or I am medicated. Social Security sent me to a psychiatrist when I applied initially but I had not been seeing one. On the recommendation of my attorney, I called my county mental health center and they recommended a place they would see me at a reduced rate. It is the only place I can afford to go but the person I'm seeing is a social worker so I'm not sure how much weight her records would be given. I am very happy with the help she is giving me especially since I am not interested in more medication. I feel like I take a ton already and after my doctor put me on Paxil and I had a horrible experience with it, I'm just not interested in experimenting anymore. Has anyone won their case with just the physical part? I'm interested in any feedback anyone can give.
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    Just bumping this up for you :)
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    my case was won from fm,astma.scolosis,migrain and a chroic pain condtion,
    i dont suffer from depression except very short bouts,
    i dont know if that helps or not
    good luck
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    First it depends on the judge. Disability doe`s not recognize fm on it`s own,it is not on their list. Cfid`s is now on their list of approvable disabilities. They have to put together all your symptoms and then judge whether you can do some sort of work with them. I was told even though my NP was( not happy) about this that I had to file under depression, I suffer bouts only from the illness and all my losses. On a good day I am not at all depressed, Happy that I feel alittle better. I get ill on antidepressants also and gave up trying after a horrible reaction. The 1 thing the guy I worked with, he was 30 yrs. on the other side, worked for disability folks to deny. He said when you are in "There ballpark you play their ball". Meaning depression is accepted not fm. I have alot of things wrong,lyme spinal,High ebv,poss.ana`s. They still pushed the depression part first. Then added up all the rest. For once in my life I had a kind judge. Lousy attorney, this judge granted me disabled, with out waiting for the 60 day letter. I had a list of things wrong,that my attorney forgot, the judge said don`t you think this is enough wrong for 1 person. So alot depends on how you present yourself. Go in sick,the way you look in am. no make-up(this is not easy for us gals, I know,lol. I have been quite ill so Have not been keeping up here,wish you Good Luck. Huggsss
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    chronic pain, chronic fatigue and cognitive problems. He stated that the cognitive problem was due to the pain and fatigue. I do have panic & anxiety attacks but he never mentioned them in his decision.

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    He couldn't concentate long enough so I filled out the forms and got an All incompassing Power of Attorney so I could do all the talking, etc. He got it first try. He just couldn't live w/o constant pain and was unable to do bending or concintate or get restorative sleep!

    Good luck, Kim and Gary
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    I had an attorney which got my pushed through on financial hardship. I have FM, cervical herniation, lumbar hernaition & depression for which I was seeing a psycologist or was wonderful. I think she really helped out alot. She is the one who started my filing for disability.

    I had Mental issues dealing with the pain and physical. When I was finally approved for my SSD I read the letter the judge wrote and I do believe it was approved on my mental and cognitive problems more than the physical problems. According to what I know having physical problems associated with pain according to SSD you can still do some type of work (part time/full time) When your work is impaired due to mental, panic attacks and cognitive issues my attorney told me was a much better fight. I guess he was right.

    I was awarded my SSD within 13 months from filing. (Lucky who knows) it worked and I am grateful either way. I'm just telling you my experience which seemed to have worked for me. Towrds the end I wrote a letter explaining how the depression from the financial part was causing more of a problem, in losing my house, and how it affected me since I worked all my life. I was dependent on my adult children to prevent losing my home. This caused a great deal of stress on me on top of everything else. My attorney like the letter and sent it to SSD, 3 weeks later it was granted. I've heard many who have waited two or three years so I was determined to WIN in any way I could I certainly deserved it, in paying in for many years as a functionable person despite the pain and FM. Good luck to you and hope you don't have to wait long. Keep fighting and don't give up, they love quitters.....