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    Hi Everyone!

    60's ~~Robin~~~Mystic~~~Kelly~~CSusie~~~GG~~~Hope i didn't forget anyone!,,,,,decided to start a # 3,,,,,,We need a new Thread!,,,

    Hope you all are surviving the blankety--blank winter wheather!,,,it's all fogged in up hear for the last 2 days,,the only thing i can say about fog is that it makes the trees look so beautiful like they are flocked in white crystals!,,,,,hunker down and stay warm!,,,,HUgs to all!,,,,,Sis
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    I've been staying inside because of the cold. Trying to keep myself busy. I made a grn salad this morning and a german choco. cake and will do some egg rolls this afternoon. Should clean the bathroom and vaccum again. Can't wait for warmer weather!
    I've also been working on making winter hats. Something different to do. The selling of the scarf's have slowed down. I got some soft yarn the other day to make my 3 yr. old grandson another blanket, he loves them. Madalynn(9 mos.) is sitting up on her own and drinking from sippy cup now. She has upper resportory infection and ear infection right now. But she is not fussy my daughter tells me. Austin has a cold also.
    Gabe went to a b-day party today at the roller rink, Melissa went along(Mom), then 2 of Gabe's buddies will go to Rockford to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate his b-day that was canceled last week. They'll have a good time. Oh to be young again!
    Melissa has to work tonight, so it will be me and Gabe. He's promised to play checkers and bingo with me.
    I love it when the trees look like crystals, not the fog though. It must be getting warmer where you live. It was 25 degrees here. But no fog. Getting a little warmer here.
    Hugs, Robin
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    so glad that the below zero weather has gone.We just could"t get the house warm yesterday.Needless to say I didn't do much.
    Our Grandson came and stayed overnite his Dad just came and picked him up around 5 this afternoon.
    Made some lemon bars, and picked the house up thats about all I"ve done all day.
    I know I have to get started with our taxes,so I need to go to staples to get turbo tax.
    I'm sure things will be alittle different since We"re on S.S. and retired this year.
    We kept the horses in the barn even in the day time it was just so cold,they where sure glad to get out this morning.just buck"in and playing. It was fun to watch them. Austin went out this afternoon and caught his pony I watched him out the sliders and he led him over to the wood pile there was such a space that he could"t even hang on to the reins but he jump on scottie and grab the reins and they took off.
    he rode all over out in the woods I got the camera and took picture of them.
    I want to start a small herb garden in my kitchen window does anyone know how to do this. we get alot of sunlight in that window,so it would be nice to have some fresh herbs to cook with.
    Sis I just love it when the fog settles on the trees and bush,s isn"t it just beautiful.
    Robin I"m glad your Grandson got to have his birthday this week-end their only kids for awhile.
    Well I think Papa smurff is putting a movie in so I guess I"ll go watch it with him,its probably a old western.
    stay warm,hugs 60,s lady
  4. sisland

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    Nice to hear from you both!,,,sorry to hear about the grandbabies being sick!,,but glad to hear about the birthday party and the Horse rides!,,,,glad to hear it has warmed up alittle!,,,Made some Bannana Bread yesterday ,,i always make it with brown sugar and chocolate chips!,,,oh and a dash of Vanillia,,,the girls loved it that way!,,,,now i bake it in the little loaf pans so i can mail it to them!
    Robin i love everything your cookin'! sounds really good!,,,and lemon bars from 60's house too!

    An Uncle of mine passed away yesterday,,,he had a long illness with diabetes and had also broken the same hip twice in the last few months,,,,,so i sent flowers to my Auntie Emily and the family,,,,was going to try and go for a drive today but didn't make it,,,,

    60's ,,,i think they have those little herb growing kits at Walmart,,not sure if they have them this time of year,,,,,,but i know they are portable and can be set in a window or on the counter with a light over them!,,,,,,,,,sounds kind of fun to have one of those!

    I finally ordered a new paper shredder my old one gave up the ghost awhile back and had gotten one of those little portable hand crank ones for $10 ,,what a rip off!,,,lolol,,,also i got some sewing done,,,just hemmed a blanket and made some more pot holders,,,,,,,Have fun with the Grandkids!,,,,,HUgs!,,,Sis
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    Well the cable company came and fixed the clitches in our internet service so I'm back online, I hope.

    We felt so sorry for him since he had to inspect both inside and out. This was on one of our 20 degree BELOW days.

    Unfortunately when he left we found out that he had accidentially disconnected our phone service. We were sitting here watching TV several hours later when our cell phone rang. We both almost jumped out of our skins it was such a surprise. My son had been trying to call us and discovered that our land-line phone service wasn't working. He had the good sense to call our cell and let us know. Fortunately the same cable guy came back on his way home for the evening and reconnected us. Living in this "high tech" world is sometimes a challenge.

    All our schools were closed both Thur. and Friday because of the sub-zero temps. They had already closed twice in December because of the snow, not sure how they're going to make up all those days. My 3 grandkids were happy as clams, not so much for their parents - LOL.

    I haven't had a chance to go back and read the last winter chat post so I'm a bit behind on all your lives. Please know that you're all in my heart and prayers for you and your families.

    We were forced to abandon our second attempt to visit my hubby's daughter because of the weather. She has been placed in a group home in a little town in mid Wisconsin. She seems so much more upbeat now. We're looking forward to seeing her, I have a bunch of paperback books that I've read and saved for her. Although she only has the intellect of perhaps a 4th to 5th grader in math and science her reading and language skills are excellent. She is taking guitar lessons and just started working in a sheltered workshop. We're so proud of her. There are 3 other residents at the home and she seems to have fit in wonderfully.

    I can't remember which of you is starting an herb garden but I have to share how much all our kitties are enjoying the Chia-Pet kitty grass kit we got them for Christmas. My daughter has 3 cats and my son's daughter has 4. I bought 3 sets so each home could have one. One of our kitties (we have 2) cries when I take the pot away from them and put in on top of the fridge. Who knew such a silly thing could give so much pleasure????

    Wasn't the plane crash in New York miraclulous???? I was so worried when I saw which airline it was, my cousin flies for U.S. Airways and is stationed in New Jersey when he's on call. He and his family live in Northern Illinois the rest of the time. What an amazing experience those people had. It just proves what greatness our "average" Americans possess when the times get rough.

    After months and months of bad news the survival of all those beautiful people restored our souls.

    Have a wonderful (warmer) week. It seems we're going to get some more snow but at least it's warming up a tad.

    I'll try to catch up with you soon.


  6. sisland

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    Oh' Good!,,,,your back!,,glad your connections are all a go again now!

    The winter wheather puts a damper on alot of things,,traveling is one at the top of the list!,,,,sounds like theres alot of great things going on for your daughter!,,,i'm guessing if she's a reader that the other subjects will even out for her along the way,,,,,,you must be so proud of her!,,i know i am from just reading about her!

    I probably told you this already but my youngest is going to graduate this spring with her degree in social work / human services,,, and is working in a group home and doing her internship at a pre-release center,,,,,,she loves it!,,,not sure why she chose this field,,although she has a "I'm in charge" type of attitude in general ,,,and it gets her in trouble at times,,,i pray that she will get that curbed as she goes along,,,,,,,,,,loves school but it's hard Mom!,,i have helped her do a couple asignments (which i truley enjoyed!),,,,,and told her to give me more if she needs to!,,,,,,Well i guess i better sign off for now,,,,Take care and i will check back in later!,,,,,,Hugs!,,,,Sis

    oh',,p.s.,,,,,,The pilot of the big plane that went down will go down in history as one of Americas greatest heros!,,i think God helped him out don't you?,,,He saved alot of lives and his 40 years of exsperince really paid off!,,,,,,,,,,,so Amazing!,,,,,
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  7. sixtyslady

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    well here it is the end of the week-end already.
    didn"t do a whole lot today had to do some grocery shopping this morning,
    and then came home and our daughter and her hubby came for a couple of hrs and we had a nice visit.
    then made supper.
    so glad it,s warmer feels good,took my car to the car wash just to get the frozen snow out from under it.
    I really want to start a herb garden,but guess there not in the store as of yet.
    sounds like you Gals,have been feeling the effects of the cold also.
    MYstic glad your back on-line, and your daughter sounds like she,s adjusting to her new home well, thats great hope you get to go see her soon.
    Sisland.your banana bread sounds really good. I use those little loaf pans at xmas time for breads,just the right size.
    I need to color my hair ,I have the color but just don,t feel like doing it.
    well Jan is well on its way ,I can"t wait till its over.
    well have a good nite,chat again tomorrow, 60,s lady
  8. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Glad to hear you're starting to get around again thanks to our minor warm-up. Who thought 20 degrees ABOVE zero would make us all so happy. What a difference it makes. I hated opening the door to let the dog in and out during those sub-zero temps.

    I have to say you've all made me very jealous talking about all the wonderful things you're baking and preparing. I have always hated to cook but loved to bake. My hubby bought me one of those wonderful big kitchen-aid mixers two years ago and I almost wore it out the first month.

    But then after the celiac diagnosis I've all but given up trying to make anything. I remember the first couple of weeks I ate nothing but scrambled eggs 3 times a day. I've found a few other alternatives but it seems no matter how careful I am when making something the threat of cross contamination seems to mess me up. I did find a recipe for gluten-free peanut butter cookies which were okay but I really miss things like my famous german chocolate cake. You have to mix so many different types of alternative flours to get even close to something edible I just get defeated before I even start.

    Although I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions I did decide to stop mourning the loss of all the "good" stuff and get more creative. I miss my breads and pastas so much and the alternatives taste similar to wallpaper paste, minus the flour of course.

    Fortnuately since my hubby retired he doesn't want the traditional big meals anymore so he's happy with anything I come up with.

    OK, enough whinning. We're going to attempt to visit our daughter in her new group home this Saturday. My hubby talked to her last night and for the first time since her move she sounded kind of down. He talked to the director and she said there wasn't anything wrong so I guess she was just tired. Don't you hate it when one of your chicks isn't happy???

    Sis - your daughter sounds like mine. She is so "driven", knowing what she wants and ready to work to achieve it. Mine is now a college instructor and is finishing up her Master's degree. Working full-time, being a wife and mom to my two grandsons and still managing to study just makes me tired thinking about it.

    I had a horrible night last night. Not sure if I mentioned it but I hurt my shoulder about two months ago and had x-rays right before Christmas. It showed some more degenerative arthritis but I know there is probably some tendon damage also. I had been reaching for something in the cupboard and stretched too far and heard something pop in my shoulder.

    Well last night when I was trying to get undressed I must have stretched too far again and the pain was so bad I almost upchucked. Soooo, I took a couple extra pain pills, my ambien and tried to sleep. My hubby went to sleep in the spare bedroom so I wouldn't have to worry about finding a comfortable position. Of course my cat was sleeping on my pillow (he loves the smell of Ben-Gay) and finally at 2:30 a.m. I was so tired of listening to him snore in my ear while I couldn't even get to sleep I got up and took another ambien. I had never done that before and was worried but my pain was so bad I didn't really care. It was around 4 a.m. when I finally got to sleep, only to get up again at 8 to let the dog out. I feel like a zombie today but the pain has leveled off. I have to say, I'm looking forward to bedtime tonight.

    Geez - am I depressing or what????? Sorry to bring down the house.

    Hopefully you're all well and warm.

  9. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well its afternoon already.the days just seem to slip by.
    was looking for a liv rite flex ball for my thumb,but walmarts doesn"t carry them anymore.
    I was reading earth clinic this morning and there was a message on there about a trigger thumb and I think thats whats wrong with mine so I was looking for this ball to excercise my thumb.
    well it was 20 out when I was at walmart so it felt better.
    Mystic, don"t worry about being down we all go through that,and it just helps to put it in writing some times,
    the other day I happened to notice some cookie and brownie mix that was gulten free, I know it probably doesn"t taste like the real thing.
    We had our Grandson fri nite and sat,and of course we have to figure up the carbs in all his food so he knows how much insulin to give himself before he eats.
    I"m looking for some sort of carb chart that I can buy so I don"t have to go on-line with everything when he,s here.
    I feel for you if I over-reach I"ll get what feels like a electric shock in my arm, and then I"ll have a muscle spasm.
    Just going to fix sloppy joes for supper.
    I"m getting to the point that I don"t know what to fix for meals,I just miss the fresh produce from the garden.
    would"t it be nice to be on a beach,reading a book and the feel of the warm sand on your feet and warm water just splashing on your ankles.and a warm mist from the waves in your face.and someone would bring us all a nice cool drink. and we could just feel the warmth of the sun on our backs.Hey Gals where could we meet up and take off for a vacation?? Ha,Ha buts its sure nice to dream. hugs 60,s lady.

    the fresh produce from the garden.
  10. robin1667

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    I just wrote to everyone and for some reason it didn't show up on here! I hit submit and nothing!
    Anyway, I got up at 3:13 this morning. My sleep is so screwed up. I think from stress and boredom and pain. Is there a full moon? My girls are acting wacky this past week. I hope it passes soon and they get back to normal whatever that is !LOL!
    Mystic glad you are back! I hope your daughter is doing well. Hopefully you can see her soon.
    60's- How about the Bahamas? I'v always heard people say it's the place to be!
    Gotta go get my meds today. Didn't do much yesterday. Cranky pants was home sick. I don't like to make alot of noise when he is not feeling well. He has a cold I think. Or just plain wore out from all the hrs he puts in at work. His job is very stressful.
    Glad to hear you got to have Austin. It is hard having to cook everyday and come up with a new menu all the time. I made fried chicken with Creole seasoning, mashed tators, frozen sweet corn last night. Cranky pants had a good appetite!
    My last post that didn't go threw I was wining about my girls, so it's just as well it didn't go threw! LOL!
    Take care! Robin
  11. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Well it's the 20th of Janurary already!,,i'm just thinkin' that Feburary only has 28 days,,,so the clock is tickin' down to spring!,,,Yea!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I'm hoping things are going better today on the feeling better front!,,,Finally got to get out last night for awhile! went to dinner with my cousins at a place called "HU Hot Mongolian Grill",,,,,it was pretty good!,,,,,,,,you load up a bowl with any kind of meat ,,,veggies ,,,sauce ,,etc,,and they cook it for you on this huge circular grill with steam,,,,you pay one price and then go back for as much as you can eat,,,anyway it was fun for a change the roads were actually dry,,,,,,,
    i was going to say ,,i think they have gluten free cookbooks Nancy,,,,It must be hard to have to follow this diet so strictly!,,goodluck!,,,

    Robin,,,,hopefully the new Meds will help you sleep better tonight!,,winter is so hard on us physicaly and mentaly,,,at least for me it is,,have to make sure i get out of the house and get some fresh air at least a few times a day,,,,,

    I know lets all go to the Bahamas!,,,lay on the beach and drink (whatever we want!),,,good idea 60's!,,,,,,,,Hope you all have a great day!,,,,Sis
  12. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    60's Lady - what a great idea. I suggest you Illinois gals meet me at the Rockford airport (I think they fly to the Bahamas) and we'll board together. We flew out of there when we took the grandkids to Florida this year and it was so much easier than O'Hare. We left our van parked there for a week (it's free) so we did't have to worry about catching a bus when we landed.

    Sis, we'll meet you with a welcoming umbrella decorated cocktail. Not sure what all is in those drinks but I think the umbrella absorbs all the gluten so I can down a couple with glee. Oh to feel sunshine and sand between our toes. I'm loving it, even if it's only a dream.

    Thanks for all the support, you're all so dear to my heart. Sometimes it just seems way too much, I think the winter seclusion makes it harder to tolerate. I want to go outside and walk the dog without seeing my breath, or worrying about falling on my rump. I think I'll call my Dr. and take her up on her offer of a cortizone shot in my shoulder. I kept thinking it would start healing but since it's my right shoulder and I'm right handed, I just keep aggravating it. My hubby said he'd duct tape my arm to my side so I'd quit using it for awhile but somehow that seems a bit extreme - LOL.

    Hubby and I are watching the inaugaration coverage today. I pray our new President has the support in Congress to follow thru with his promises, especially improved health care for everyone. All their in-fighting helps no one.

    I love the idea of having young children in the White House again. Hopefully the press will allow them the privacy they need to have as normal as possible lifes. Regardless of how we voted this is a remarkable day for America and I'm proud to be part of it all.

    I just heard that Sen. Ted Kennedy suffered a seizure during the dinner and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital.

    All we can do is pray for our new leaders and wish them wisdom and compassion as they attempt to lead us through these troubling times.

    60's lady - I'm sure there are charts available to help you prepare meals for your grandson but in the meantime could you print out the ones you find online and perhaps lamenate them. My hubby bought a lamenating machine to use while teaching. I think it cost him around $30-40 dollars. He bought it at Staples.

    I slept like a baby last night, what a difference it makes in my morale. Robin, I hope your new meds will help you.

    I need to hop in the shower. I told hubby I wanted a big fat steak with all the trimmings tonight. We have a wonderful restaurant very close to our home and they work hard at keeping my food separated from gluten-containing items. Hopefully we'll be able to go. I get sooooo hungry for "real" food and dive in with such vigor I start to fill up way before my food is gone. I always bring home the leftovers, which I try to sneak past our dog since he's used to getting rewards whenever we go out but if I'm having an expensive filet I'm NOT sharing it with the dog - call me selfish - LOL.

    Keep warm and safe my Bahama dreamers.


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  13. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well another day closer to spring.watched the inaugaration
    this morning and then fixed lunch.
    my new mother earth magazine came so went through it this afternoon.
    Robin,hope you get some sleep tonight. I drink sleepytime tea at night and take my calcium and it helps me sleep. just can"t take sleep aid Meds.
    Sis isn"t it good to go out and eat and just relax.
    sometimes when we get cabin fever we just go out for lunch and ride around in the country.sometimes we just go out to the park and sit in the car and eat,and then go for a walk,if it isn"t to cold its nice to walk in the snow.
    Mystic.hope you get a really good steak tonight,sounds like fun.and I don"t blame you I would"t share it with my dogs either.
    I did find a ball for my thumb exercise,s and I found the knobbler,s for massage for trigger I ordered them both.
    does anyone have a good body lotion? my skin is just so dry,I"ve tried just about all of them.
    so glad you could all join in today.
    hope we all have sweet Bahama Dreams tonight.
    Hugs 60,s lady.
  14. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I love the idea of the little umbrellas that soak up all the gluten and hopefully calories too Nancy!,,lolol,,we should book our flights right now!,,I'll meet you all at the airport!,,,,,,,I've only been to the west coast ,,and each time it's been rainy and cold,,,but beautiful,,,,,Did you get the cortisone shot?,,hope your shoulder is feeling better today dear!

    The inaguration was really good to watch!,,i can't remember the last time i actually sat down and watched it !,,,This Obama Guy is really something special!,,,,I'm confident that he will do a fantastic job!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Wonder if God had anything to do with his election,,,Hmmmm,,,,,,makes you wonder,,,as he was speaking the famous words of our first President George washington about the Battle on the Deleware i couldn't help but think (When have i heard those words before?),,,,,,,Never!

    Speaking of steak,,,,i went and bought one and cooked it up on the indoor grill last night ,,,so good!,,,sorry gals but i did give lucky dog a couple bites!,,,,,Whats wrong with me?,,,,,lolol,,,is it the forlorn look in his eyes as he smells it cookin' in the kitchen or is it the fact that my Mom taught me that i always have to share,,,,,who knows!,,,,,,,,

    I really enjoy our little chat group! you are all special girls and it really does help to pass the winter days!,,,so thankyou all! and thanks 60's for starting this!

    60's have you tried Gold Bond lotion? or Lubriderm brands ,,,if they don't help try just regular baby oil on your skin after the bath you have to let it soak in and wear cloths that you don't care about getting baby oil on ,,,,,this has worked for me over the years when dry skin happens,,,,,,,hope that helps!,,,,,Mother Earth Magazine sound great!

    Robin ,,,,,,Hope your feelin' better today!,,,,,HUgs!,,,,to all,,,Sis
  15. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Good afternoon ladies,

    Well hubby and I DID manage to get ourselves out of our sweatpants, put on a clean pair of jeans, and head out to our favorite restaurant.

    I was soooooo hungry I almost had a melt down while reading the menu. Luckily they bring out a veggie tray w/dip to hold us until our "real" food arrived.

    I ordered a steak, hubby for some strange reason ordered fried chicken. We each even had a glass of wine (getting wild here).

    Just when I was thinking of licking the remaining veggie dip our waitress brought out our salads. Of course I can't eat the croutons but that didn't even matter because they make their own 1000 Island dressing and I almost cried it was so good. Have you noticed a lot of restaurants don't offer 1000 Island anymore? It's probably because it has so many calories. At this point I was noticing that hubby was slathering butter on a slice of the wonderful little loaf of bread they serve. He assured me it tasted awful, although the look of pure pleasure on his face proved he was lying.

    Then came my steak and baked potato. I had to request more butter since my hubby had used up most of it eating that awful tasting loaf of bread.

    My steak melted in my mouth. It was shear heaven.

    As I paused for a breath I noticed that hubby had started coveting my food and regretting his choice of chicken, although he said it was very good.

    At this point I knew I had reached the point of no return. If I ate one more bit there wouldn't be enough left to take home for lunch today. Soooo, I threw caution to the wind and continued on. By now hubby had finished his chicken and was gazing longingly at my plate.

    OK - I took pity on him and cut off a tiny corner of my awesome steak and put it on his plate. I swear he inhaled it. But when I noticed his fork heading in my direction again I made a noise he said reminded him of a rabid wolf and he thought better of his action.

    We came home with empty hands but wonderfully full tummies. Geez, how sad am I?????

    Sis - One of those Hu-Hot restaurants just opened in Madison, WI, about 50 miles north of us. They advertise on our local TV channels all the time and I see how the people choose their selections which are are handed over to be cooked on that big round grill. How cool that you were able to get out and enjoy yourself and I actually could picture you making your selections.

    60's, I buy white cotton gloves (I get mine at Walgreen's) to wear when my arthritis is so bad. I think if use vaseline or baby oil then put on the gloves to keep from getting the mess on other surfaces it would help your dry skin. I just bought another pair and I think they cost around $2. They wash up really well and really help me.

    I haven't called yet to make my appt. to get a coritisone shot in my shoulder. The pain woke me up early again this morning. I've been kind of lazy today but I'm going to call tomorrow and schedule an appt.

    Robin - I hope your new meds helped you get some rest last night. I makes such a difference to the quality of our lives when we get the rest we need.

    I'm not sure what's happening with your girls but I understand. My son gets very moody at times and I have learned that there's not much I can do to change it so I just wait until he snaps out of it. If he wants to talk I'll listen but usually he just works thru it. He has FM too plus panic attacks so I excuse his surly moods.

    I hear we're headed back into the deep freeze this weekend so that trip to the Bahamas is sounding very good.

    Luv ya,

  16. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    Wanted to let you know, I caught cranky pants's cold is why I haven't been on here. Just feel horrible! I'll write more when feeling better, didn't want you's to worry my friends. Mystic I love the way you write! love,robin
  17. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    My internet has been down.and was busy yesterday.
    One of my egg customers told us about woodmans in Rockford and how they have organic produce so we took a day trip yesterday and went shopping its really a nice store.bought enough for probably a month,s worth of food. I found alot of good buys.
    well it sounds like at least we have all made it out this week .eating out sounds great ,but we don"t have to many good places in my area.
    Robin hope you get over your cold.
    we still have alot of snow on the ground around here,our place is always the last to melt because we have so many trees.
    suppose to have a game night at our saddle club this Sat evening hoping we can go for awhile just to get out of the house,I have problems in large groups because of the ringing in my ears,have to put cotton in them and then I can"t hear what people are saying.
    If it doesn"t get real loud its o.k. but if they play music.then I have to plug my ears.
    I"ve been gathering old blankets for when my mare foals,to dry her and the baby off. a friend of mine said that once they had a colt born in early spring and she took a mans big sweat shirt and put the colts front leg,s through it and used it for a blanket,she said it stay on real well. well I guess I need to get started this morning, have a good one ,chat later.
    Hugs 60,s lady
  18. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    I'm so sorry Crabby Pants gave you his cold. Hopefully you'll start feeling better soon. I HATE having a cold but I hate it even more when my hubby gets one. I have NEVER met anyone (before him) who takes their temperature 20 times a day, then shares the information with anyone who will listen. During his last cold I actually hid the thermometer but he became so stressed I pretended to "find" it again. Thank goodness men don't have babies, our planet would come to a screeching halt.

    60's - what is the due date for your mare? As a kid I remember waking up in the morning and there would be a new little calf in our field. What a beautiful sight. Will she let you stay with her during the birth? Wishing you and her the best possible luck.

    Hey Sis - where are you? We miss ya.

  19. sisland

    sisland New Member

    It's another artic cold front movin' through up this way! only about 5 above with a - ? windchill,,,,,yea!,,,,although yesterday was really nice about 20 above and Sunshine!,,,,,Got some packages mailled off to the girls and actually went for a drive up towards the Glacier National park area,,,,so pretty!,,,,turned around when the roads started getting bad,,,

    Robin,,,,wondering where you were,,sorry to hear of your cold dear!,,,hope you feel better soon!,,,Miss you!,,,,we'll be hear when you feel better ,,,stay warm,,,My Grampa always swore by a shot of whiskey with lemon and honey added and a wool blanket wrapped around you to sweat out a cold,,,,,,,,,,I know ,,,the whiskey is probably off limits with meds but maybe you can use hot water,,,,,,just a thought!

    Nancy,,,you have a glorious way of writing,,have to agree with Robin,,it's almost like we are right there with you and DH having dinner!,,,,we just got the HU-Hot grill last summer in the bigger town named Kalispell about 15 miles south of here,,,,it's growing by leaps and bounds,,,in the last 3 years we have aquired alot of the big box stores and a Home Depot and Lowes,,,,,also a really nice Costco and a super Walmart is comming this spring,,,,,and a big cinnema,,,,,

    I'm glad i live kinda out of the hustle and bussle of that area!,,,,

    60's ,,,,,sounds like you got to go to a whole Foods store!,,,,wish we had one here!,,,,can i come and play cards with you at the Saddle Club?,,,,,,,,,,sounds fun!,,,,When i was growing up we had this preserved school house called the Moose Horn Club,,,(the school my mom and dad went to school in) we would all get togeather in and dance and play cards and visit,,,my Dad plays the Harmonica and had some uncles that played guitars and fiddles ,,,oh the good old days!,,,,,,,,,loved them and miss them terribly!,,,,,,,,,when are you exspecting the Foal?,,,,sounds like your very prepared with all the blankets and such!,,,,,,,,,,,,HUgs to all!,,,Sis
  20. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I'm here,,,see,,,,lolol,,,,love the themometer story!,,,,cute!