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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sisland, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Hi Gals!

    I'm just now putting a new coat of paint on the old red barn!,,,lolol,,so that means i have about 15 minutes to sit still and do nothing but wait,,,lolol,,,The wheather has been really nice this past week! alot of sun and in the upper 30's low 40's ,,,,can't complain about that!,I went to spend the day with my dad a few days ago and there was no snow whatsoever in Eureka (Dad's doing really good now),,,,,We are definietly getting an earlie spring up this way,,,love it!
    Lucky dog and i have been out for our walks almost everyday now and thats good because i'm trying to take off the winter pounds,,,,I'm heading down to see the girls and Baby Braiden in about a week and a half so i'm very excited about that!,,,,,,Ok ,,,Love you all!,,,sis
  2. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Sis - thanks for starting a new post. I'm so glad to hear your grandson's tests were negative. God is good. How exciting for you that you're going to see him again soon. Hopefully your good weather will hold for your trip.

    60's - your post brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful things can happen when we open our hearts to receive them.

    Based on past experiences I know it takes a ton of trust to take another chance on love. I thank God daily that I made the choice to try one last time.

    I'll be back later today to catch up on everything. Just didn't want you all to think I'd wandered off. Just facing a lot of family stuff right now. But then, that's nothing new here lately - Geez, I wish we could just hide out and drop off everyone's radar.

    Yearning for spring flowers.

  3. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    It is "family problem" week for all of us? Or is it just me?
    Fight :)
  4. sisland

    sisland New Member

    So good to hear from you Nancy!,,,Yes we are sooo Thankful that Baby Braidens Head scans came back clear!,,Whew! what a relief!,,are you still planning your trip to VA.?,,,Ahh yes the family problem thing,,,,hope it all works out well for u!

    Fight~~Hi! welcome on in!,,,rest assured your not alone!

    60's~~Robin,,all ok?
  5. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    The drama continues. My son has now decided that not only won't he house-sit the animals while we're gone, he doesn't want Jenna to go either. This is breaking my heart.

    I talked to Jenna AND her mom today and they both assure me that the trip is still a definate GO. My former DIL said she's going to take my son to court if he continues to harrass us all like this. I don't want it to come to that but then they (the court system) might be forced to put him in some kind of treatment plan. She said she's going to call his councelor tomorrow and tell him how he's been acting. I think he's finally clean and going thru some wicked withdrawal. He needs HELP but he's blaming me for ruining everything and that hurts ALOT.

    Awwww, like I've said before, who knew the worst pain of childbirth would be to watch our adult children ruin their lives.

    Sorry for the downer here. Just wanted you all to know where I'm at.

    Love you all.


    P.S. Welcome Fight. Glad you dropped in but sorry you're having some family issues too.
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  6. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Nancy~~~maybe it's best if your son goes into a treatment program and let the pro's help him out!,,They will also help him to understand that it's not (your) fault that his life turned out the way it did!,,,He's an adult now and has to start taking responsibabilty for his own actions,,,,,,,,
    On a lighter note it sounds like the VA. trip is still on for you's!,,,hope you all get to go and have a great time!,,,Hugs!,,,sis
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  7. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well old man winter is still here we had abouts5" of snow Monday night.Just seems like it,s not going to give up this year.
    Sis I'm glad your Dad,s doing good and that it.s turning spring so you can go see Braiden and your girls.
    We got Jerry signed up for the V.A. health benefits ,so thats a relief.
    Nancy,hang tight I know sometimes our grown kids just don"t get it, and of course they blame everything on us. but they know deep down they made their own mistakes, and someday they"ll realize it sooner than later we hope. Glad to hear your vac,s is still on.
    Fight,hope your family problems work out also,good to hear from you.
    I don"t have alot of news this week,guess thats good .lol at least everything is quiet on the home front here.
    Robin where are ya girl??
    Oh gosh think ******Spring will we every see the flowers again/****.

    My orchid bloomed ,I"ve babyed it for a year now and my herbs are doing great too.I call them my winter garden. Hugs Sixtyslady
  8. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Great to hear from you's!

    60's~~Really good deal to have Jerry on the VA. benefits!,,will be a relief for you's down the road too,,,wow ,,I can't believe how much snow you guys have!,,Normaly we get all the late winter snow and cold ,,,seems to be reversed this year,,,we still have some snow left but not to much and the sun has been out for about a week straight now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Like i said very unusual!,,,,,,Yes i'm going to spoil the Baby!,,can't wait,,,,,,,I'm hoping that you get to see more blooms soon!,,,good job on the orchid!

    Jam~~Hi! welcome on in!,,,,,Great to see you hear too!,,,Glad your doing better!,,and wow has your daughter come along way! You must be very proud of her!,,plus she's making future plans too!,,my youngest is in the Human Resource field ,,right now she's getting her masters,,Not easy!!,,,she's trying to get the clinical done this summer ,,so that next fall she'll be done with school and as she puts it"get a real job then"

    Hope you's all are doing well!,,Hugs!,,sis
  9. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Hi Gals,

    60’s – I’m so glad Jerry got registered for his VA benefits. My ex gets all his meds thru the VA, by mail, and it saves him a lot of money. How exciting that your orchid has bloomed. It’s like a beam of hope – LOL. I’m beginning to think spring will never get here. We didn’t get as much snow as you did this time around. Still, any snow at all is way too much for me these days. I’m just yearning for warm, sunshiny days. Guess I’m having a classic case of your typical winter blahs.

    Sis – when are you leaving for your grandbaby visit? He’ll be so much fun now. I love it when they’re a couple of months old and they start cooing and are so cuddly.

    Gramps and I had a fun evening on Tues. Jenna was accepted into a special program thru her school. She is leaving next Wed. for 3 days. They will go way up north and live in a campground while they learn all about the environment, conservation, trees, maple syrup, etc. As part of the school’s fundraising she had to be an assistant waitress at a local restaurant. The kids helped serve the food, cleaned tables, swept the carpet, etc. We stopped in for supper. She was really happy to see us. We even gave her a tip – lol.

    My other potential good news – we may have a place for Tucker to stay while we’re in VA. Larry suggested that I call the rescue that we got him from over 5 years ago to see if she had any ideas. She said she would contact one of her foster homes to see if any of them would keep him.

    Well, the lady she had contacted called me and said she would keep Tucker. Plus, she only lives 20 miles away. She has 2 American Eskimos herself so she understands their unique traits. We’re going to take Tuck to meet her this Sunday to see if he gets along okay with her 2 Eskies. It would be such a relief to know that he was safely in a home where he’d be cared for by someone who loves dogs as much as I do. Please wish us luck that our meeting goes well.

    I’m still trying to talk my oldest grandson into coming to VA with us. He’s had a rough year health wise and because of his absences the councilor suggested that he drop out of high school and switch to home schooling for at least the rest of the semester. He could do that just as easily in VA on his computer. I think he could use some rest and relaxation. Plus, he and Jenna could keep each other company at the resort and give gramps and I a rest.

    Hugs all around,

    P.S.- Robin, where are you gal????

  10. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Wow Nancy~~it does sound like good news on your home front!,,so great to see the kids succed in stuff!,,,,I hope all 4 of you get to go to VA.,,it will be great for the kids and great for gramma and grammpa too.,,,Sounds like Tuker will have a nice place to stay while your gone too!,,,Jenna will have lots of fun on her outing!

    I'm leaving to go see the kids on this next thursday,,,,,,The Baby is sick with low grade PN, right now and they have to have him on a nebulizer twice a day for 10-20 min,,,,,poor baby!,,,,he'll get better though,,,,,There are so many germs at day care....

    Hope your all doing good!,,,love sis
  11. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Hi Sis,

    I'm so happy that you'll soon get to hold that little guy. Give him a kiss from his auntie Nancy :) :).

    I'm sorry that he's not feeling well. All three of my grandkids spent their preschool years in day care and eventually they all built up one heck of an immune system.

    Drive safely and have a wonderful time.


  12. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Thanks Aunt Nancy!,,,your a sweetie!,,,,I went to walmart today to pick up my new glasses and couldn't resist buying lil guy a new outfit!,,,,,it's like a warm up suit for big people (so cute),,,,and i found him the cutest lil' brown leather loafers,,I just know he'll love them!,,,,

    I'm getting very excited about the trip ,,,,,,it will wear me out for a month afterword but i have to go and spend time with the kids ,,,They are the loves of my life! Thanks for the good wishes and yes i will kiss baby for you!,,,,love sis
  13. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well we all made it through Feb, I hope spring is on the way this time.
    Sis are you visiting your grandbaby,if so I know your having a good time. enjoy.
    Nancy I suppose your busy planing your trip.something to look forward to.
    Robin I hope you,ve got your jeans and boots on.Lol sounds good to me.
    I"ve just been in such a slump.don"t know what I want to do.plan the garden or just be lazy and sit around ,I"ve been having so much pain lately and my D ears are just about to drive me nuts,the noise just takes all the joy out of my day.
    We sold the chicken,s because they we"re really slowing down laying and I just didn"t want to deal with getting them dressed out and putting them in our freezer.they where like pets.
    But 1 little hen hid and so we have 1 lonely little chick.
    Our old lab dog is getting up there in age I know it won"t be long and we"ll have to put her down,but right now I don"t feel like I can Handle it. I"ve been in a gloom and doom mood for a few weeks.I pray that it passes soon.
    Jerry,s attempting to clean the basement ;but he<s such a pack rat that he uaually just moves stuff around and never really gets rid of anything. lol
    Can"t wait till the snow is gone so I can go out and brush Jazzy. well Gals hope this finds all of you well and looking forward to spring. hugs sixtyslady.
  14. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Yep~~~i'm down here at the kids house lovin' up on the Baby!,,,,it's been alot of fun! i'll be babysitting for them tommorow while they go to work,,,so exciteing!,,,but i must admit i'm alittle rusty aroud the edges,,lololo ,,,He's just a sweety lots of big grins and laughs! ,,,also some Cranky butt going on too,,,,

    I'm so glad everything is going ok at the ranch Sharon!,,one little hen stayed behinde for you,,lolol I hope you feel better and that spring comes very very soon! i'll be home on wednesday,,,,,,Hugs!,,,sis
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  15. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    I've taken my sleeping pill already so probably wont' make sense. I'll check back in tommorrow to fix my messes.

    60's - I'm in complete agreement, I want the snow to be completely gone, and I want to see geese coming home. Soon, soon, my hubby promisesl

    Sis - enjoy this time to bond with that little guy. Snuggle and coo right alone with him.

    I try to fill you all in on my dogs visit 'sundayl It seemed okay.

    Robin, Girl where are you????????????????????????????????

    Luv ya,

  16. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Finally made it home last night!,,,,,lots of inclimate wheather along the way!,,,Fog,,rain,,snow,,,sun,,,more fog ,,,then when i got closer to home there was a new 3 inches of snow on the ground,,,,hahahaha!,,,,The Visit with the kids and the Baby cakes was wonderful,,,,,

    yes Nancy and 60's ,,there was alot of coooooing and singing and giggeling going on ,,,,He's alittle Corker!,,,gets his way alot!,,,,Booo is the new sound that comes along with alot of drool!,,,,,anyway it was one of the best times of my life so far!,,,,,,The day i babysat was wonderful,,,,just Gramma & Braiden,,,,He smiles and coos everytime you look at him,,,I got baby cheek slobber kisses ,,,,,,sorry ,,i could go on and on!

    Enough about me!,,,,How are you gals all doing?,,,How did the dog visits go Nancy?,,,60's any relief in the snow level on the ranch?,,,,,Hope so!
    Robin are you still with us?
    Love to all sis
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  17. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    what a week Jerry had they think a kidney stone and we both have had some kind of stomach bug. and then Jerry had to got o rocford V.A. clinic for blood test this morning ,man I felt like I could't make it that early bbut we got it done so now he can get his meds for his thyroid.
    Sis so glad you had a great visit with your kids and grandbaby, the pictures sre so cute on facebook.
    the snow is all but gone here,but of course now it,s rain ,althought we had a couple of days that the sun was actually out for part of the day. wish we would just have weather pattern,s like we use to have when we where kids it would rain and a hr later the sun would be out and it would be warm again,
    Nancy hows the trip plans going and are you comimg into spring yet up there in the northwoods.
    Robin how,s you Cowboy jeans and boots feeling Lol.
    It,s been such a long winter,and hard on my emotion,s so glad you gals all write it helps to know there,s others out there to listen to our feelings. I just feel like crying so much anymore can"t wait to get outside and keep busy. was going through my Mothers truck and found my Grandmothers journal of the yr she passed,I read it and it brought back some good things ,but made me sad at the same time.
    well I guess I"d better go check on Jerry and tuck him in he,s stiill not feeling real good. hugs sixtyslady.
  18. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Glad the week is over for you's!,,Spring is just around the corner dear,,,,I know how much you love to be outside!,,,have you heard of those lamps that are supposed to help depression? can't remember what they are called but i've heard they work!
    How cool that your Gramma kept a journal!!,,,i would love to read something like that from my Gram or even Mom!

    I'm in a flare of course since i got home ,,,,knew it would happen,,,duhhh!,,,,,But i enjoyed the time with the kids immensely and would not trade it for anything,,,Thanks for all your great comments ,,,,,,,,I love them all so much,,,,more than they will ever know!,,,sis
  19. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    how,s everyone doing? well we had nice weather last week and then it snow again on Sat,but it,s all gone now,it,s sort of chilly out right now but not to bad.
    I still have some more herbs to transplant ,hope to get it done tomorrow. My tomato plants are doing good should be big and healthy in time to plant outside in may. Running out of window soace in my kitchen,would like to have a cold frame set up outside,but we got 3 new goats,so Jerry,s been busy trying to get things set up for them, and we"ll be getting a few chick,s soon so as you can see things are busy around here. One little goat is a dairy I guess I"ll learn how to milk a goat.can"t you just see me with my hair in braids and my milk bucket in my hand, thats funny.
    But I think I can make goat cheese,I got a book on it and it doesn"t look to difficult. we bought 2 fainting goats.the one just leans up against the barn when it gets scared,she doesn"t really faint,but I guess some of them lay on the ground with all 4 feet in the air.
    I'm not doing very well with my diet,I"ve lost 17pds,and I"m still trying but it,s just not commimg off. wish I could really get out and walk,but my hip,s and knees hurt so bad,I can't go far.well Gals hope to hear from you Gals soon.hugs sixtyslady.
  20. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Today we sent Tucker to Heaven. His health had been failing and he no longer wanted to eat and was in a great deal of pain. We took him in to the vet today to have him checked over, hoping for some type of miracle. I guess there weren't any miracles available today.

    We held him while he left for heaven.

    I know you'll all understand our pain. Neither of us has stopped crying yet and it's not going to happen any time soon I'm guessing.

    When we adopted him from the American Eskimo rescue I promised him a forever home. Today, at 15 years old, he left us behind for the next chapter of his pain-free life. I FIRMLY believe we'll see him again.

    We loved him and he loved us back. What more could anyone ask for???

    His picture is still in my profile if you'd like to see him.

    Jenna sent me a copy of the Rainbow Bridge. I had asked her dad to tell her because I can't talk without crying. She's an animal lover too.


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