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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by robin1667, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    Hope everyone had/has a Great Christmas!! Ours went really good!
    Ron wasn't a scrooge and the kids had fun!
    Ron and Melissa is going to look at the car for her as soon as the guy calls and gives then the address..she is really excited.
    Went to my sister's yest. for xmas there. She lives outside of Davis,Il. Had a nice time. Mom and Dad choose not to be with us this yr..we did miss them...
    Been cleaning up the house this morning,gotta vaccumm yet..just taking it easy.
    Ron is off work today..going to take Melissa and a friend out to a steak restaurant in Dixon tonight..I forget the name..I remember they have excellent Steak though! It's on Galena St. Sixty you probably know what it's called..
    Sixty's,the picture sounds awesome! When things calm down around here I want to meet you,will let you know..
    Sis,sounds like your having a Great time,so happy for you!
    Oh ya,60's,I use the netti pot also,it takes a little getting use to but it has helped me. Sometimes I forget to use it and I can tell a difference..
    Well you all have a great weekend! Going to play on FB!
  2. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Thanks Robin for startin' a new chat!,,,Things sound fun at your house ,,,I hope Melissa gets the car!,,,I'm really missing the girls today,,,,they were here for a short while it seems and now they are gone again!,,,,,I guess every Mom goes through this when her kids come and go,,,You all know what i'm saying i'm sure,,,,,,

    Hey can i hitch a ride to the steak house with you Robin?,,,lolol,,sounds good!,,,,,,,ate alot of forbiden food at christmas and now am paying for it,,,!

    What is a neti pot?? sounds interesting!,,,,,I'll check back later,,,,,,HUgs all around!,,,Sis
  3. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    Sis,I think we all understand how your feeling about the kids....

    A Neti Pot is for rinsing out the sinus cavities. It really helps with allergies and sinus problems,gets all the bad stuff out that can cause colds,infections. You can get it at the pharmacy.

    Melissa got the car.She is so happy! Hopefully now she can find a job...they are so scarce in the small towns here. She filled in for a friend as a bartender last night,so she will have a little $$ in her pocket. We will get Ins. on it Monday. She is taking her friends truck to Stockton today to have xmas with her adopted father.

    Still snowing here.

    My sister just called,her son was snowmobiling last night. He hit a patch of ice and got his foot caught in the track and broke it just above the ankle in 2 places. he's in Madison and will be having surgery this morning. I told me sister,he could have thought of something else to do to be able to stay home when their baby comes! She relayed what I said and he was laughing. They are expecting a baby girl Jan.8th. My sister's 1st grandbaby.

    Sis your welcome to come eat with us anytime! The steak was real tender,but I was sorta disappointed..I am not sure how they cooked it..but I know it wasn't how I usually cooked it or have had at other Steak houses. If we go there again I will stick with the Fettichini,that is what I had last time..

  4. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Robin~~Maybe Melissa can find a job bartending!,,it seems to pay pretty fair,,,glad she got the car!,,,our kids go through alot don't they,,,just like us,,,lolol,,but hopefuly not as much as us,,,,Sorry to hear about your Nephew getting his foot caught in the snowmobile track!!,,ochh!
    Good news you sis is getting her first grandbaby!!,,,,so much fun!
    Thanks for the ride to the steak house!,,sounds good!,,,,,I love the fettichini too,,especially if it has seafood in it, like shrimp or scallops,,,,,

    my oldest Daughter brought me some applesauce and some rasberry jam that she had canned this fall!,,Oh my gosh was it good!,,,I forget how good all the canned stuff is,,,quit canning about 5 years ago, or maybe more due to this illness,,,,,I used to can alot when the girls were growing up!,,,Might have to start doing that again,,,just smaller jars of stuff,,,,,,,,,,,
    Hey we are on our way to a new year!!,,,,Yea!,,

    Yes Sharon I love that Stallion picture too!,,you are one lucky gal!
    Nancy~~where are you Dear?,,hope all is well,,,,,,,,love to all sis
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  5. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    Burrr"" its cold out this morning. we had a nice time at our Daughters house for our Family christmas get together.even the kids were good. I"m glad the holidays are over.
    My great niece and her hubby that live with my sister went to nashville to see his family,they got back last nite,I was glad they made it home safe ,they have twin baby girls. alittle over a yr old.Plus I can relax and not have to be cocerned about my sister falling doing the chores.I called her the other night to make sure she got back in the house safe. and ask her to take her cell ph.out with her in case she would fall.
    now to get this house back in order,jerry would leave his xmas presents sit in the living room til spring if I didn"t hound him.I guess he,s afraid if he puts them away he"ll foget he has them.
    I'm thinking about looking for a different computer desk,but I don"t know what kind I want.I probably should get a smaller one ,then I could"t collect much junk on
    Sis I know what your talking about,I still miss our son.
    Robin,what kind of car did Melissa find? hope she can find a job,I have a great niece that her & her husband both tend bar on the week_ends guess it,s not a bad idea.
    Nancy hope your checking in and hope you had a good holiday. Hugs Sixtyslady. yes Gals going to get my pic hung up today. I can't wait too see it on the wall.
  6. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    It sounds like you all had a great Christmas. We had a pretty good time at my daughter's. I just kept reminding myself that this was for the kids and they were certainly enjoying themselves.

    I'll admit, I was glad to get home and back into my robe to sit with the heating pad on my back again. By Christmas Day my sore back was feeling much better - finally. We decided to just stay home, eat leftovers, and watch old movies on TV. It was very relaxing.

    Unfortunately my grandson Matthew came down with a bout of the flu later on Christmas Eve. By Christmas Day my daughter, my grandaughter Jenna, my son & my ex were all sick. So far so good for hubby & I.

    I wish the snow and cold would just go away. I felt so sorry for all the families who were traveling thru the storms. Hubby's brother called last night. He lives in Maryland and said they were buried under snow. He said it reminded him of growing up in Iowa.

    Well, I've got to grab some breakfast.

  7. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    It's snowing again! Not going anywhere so it's good!
    The car is a 1998 status,4 door,front wheel drive. Got it at a good price I think.$1750. 120,000 mi. A little rust. Drives great! The man gave it to his daughter to drive to college in Iowa. So it has mostly HWY miles. Ya can tell he has taken care of it.
    Melissa had a 2nd interview at the Fifth Alarm in Byron. Will hear something in a few days. She feels confident about it. Hope she gets it! It's a restaurant/bar.
    Her husband is still trying to win her back..I hope she is smarter than what she has been with him. She says she is not going back..but I guess time will tell...we put the car in ron's and my name and she is to pay him back. Just wish she would stop comunicating with him..he is slick!
    Nancy,glad your pain has let up,I will be praying it continues for you!
    My pain is the same,hasn't changed. :(
    Will be having rib eye roast for New Year's. Then Ron wants to go to the bar for a few that night. Well see,he usually gets so full he can't drink! LOL!
    Be safe and warm,Hugs Robin
  8. sisland

    sisland New Member

    New Years day,,,2010,,and hey the end of the world hasn't happened yet!,,,,,lolol,,I'm being silly!,,Not even sure what all the predictions are now days!,,,

    It was a quiet N.Y.Eve for me and lucky as usual ,,,we got 6 inches of new snow yesterday!,,Yea!,,,but it's warmed up so that's ok,,,

    My dad took a fall at the nursing center yesterday morning ,,lost his balance ,,He's Ok! just bruised ribs and a bump on the back of his head,,,,,This is the 2nd time in 3 days this has happened ,,not sure what's going on with him,,,

    His BP goes way up and he refuses to use a wheel chair,,,,The Dr. did a head scan and everything turned out normal,,,,I just think that maybe he has reached the point of being in a wheel chair,,,,,we'll see i guess!

    anyway i'm glad we all made it to another new year and a new decade!,,,,,HUgs all around!,,,sis
  9. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    wow we"re into dreaded month I"m always happy when Jan,s over.Really cold here hate to go out. Austin came down and had Uncle Dustin pull him on his sled behind the tractor, they had fun.
    I got some new curtains for my kitchen today,just valance,s need to clean the clutter out of my front window in the kit, I love that window ,but with the big ledge it has ,it just always get,s cluttered.
    Need to transplant some of my herbs. so maybe I"ll do that this week.
    Papa Smurff has to split wood we have people waiting for wood .More people using it this year.
    Robin. so glad melissa got a car,hope she finds a job,I know it,s not easy.
    Nancy wish you could find something to help your just not easy hurting all the time.
    And Sis. hope your Dad doesn"t fall again. is he having dizzy spells.or did they start him on new Meds.
    Well I"m still hacking and coughing .but I think I"m getting better.
    you Gals take care,stay warm.hugs sixtyslady.
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  10. sisland

    sisland New Member

    60's ~~Dad falling is just missed placed footing it seems,,,No new meds and not having his cane /walker close by!,,now the nurses aids will be with him wherever he goes so this doesn't happen again,,,hopefully anyway!,,,S
  11. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    Sis,Glad your Dad's fall caused him no harm.
    More Drama in my life!! Don't mind me while I vent! Just warning ya!
    We got the car for Melissa,she got the job in Byron. She has been going through a training period,the owners are really picky about who they hire and want them to treat their customers in a certain manner,so that is why the training. So she has been only working a few hrs a day. That was my good news.
    We have been putting money in the car,serpintine belts,new head lights,oil change.etc..we knew she had been talking to Dean again this last week,she said she wasn't going back to him...she came home last night after being in Janesville to have my son in law do some work on the car and told me she and Dean were getting back together...I told her she needed to go live with him then. I told her no more back and forth with us.
    When we got this car Ron and I put in our names and our Ins., and told her she could buy it from us and pay the Ins.(her Ins.would be very expensive because of accident last yr.) We told her no drinking and driving(she has a DUI).
    One night she told me she was going to a friends house to watch TV. Mother's intuition told me that is not where she was going. I found out as Mother's always do that she had gone to another town and was riding snowmobiles and drinking. She finally called me back and I told her if she needed me to come get her I would or she was to not move the car and stay the night where she was. She opted to stay the night. I found out the person she was with is going to prison soon for drugs. I didn't tell her what I knew. I was upset so I told Ron what was going on. He told me she could do and go where ever she wanted as long as no drinking and driving. I asked what if she gets back with Dean? He ssaid he didn't care as long as she paid for the car & Ins. and no drinking. I guess I misunderstood.
    So now when she comes home today I will tell her she can use the car as long as she keeps her job and Dean does not drive it.(which I fear he will). If they move into Chicago area and the car is not pd in full it does not go with them.
    I have to be strong and do this.. please pray that God will give me strength to do what I need to do..
    Hugs Robin
  12. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Wow what a roller coaster with Melissa!,,,,It's just my intuition but i think that the Dean guy will nab her and the car while yous aren't lookin!,,if her job is not in the same town as where you live ,,,,It's going to be hard to keep an eye on them and the car,,,

    I'm sayin' a big prayer for you girl!,,,,,,,,Hopefuly she will stick to the rules and keep the job and the car ,,,If she's out with druggers then there's a chance that it might not happen that way!,,,Just mhmo!,,,since your names are on it you don't even have to let her drive it,,,I know you already know all this!,,,Goodluck!,,,,,sis
  13. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    I’m so sorry you’re caught in such an awful place. I can feel your heartache and frustration in your words. Sadly I can relate to your pain and believe me you have my deepest support and sympathy.

    The whole car thing struck a chord since we’ve been thru the same situation with my son. When hubby retired we decided to “sell” our 2nd car to my son since we really had no need for 2 cars.

    It was a ’98 Malibu in perfect running order. The greatest majority of miles on it were highway and we always kept it maintained. Anyway, we agreed on a selling price and he said he would pay $150 a month for it. We would cover the insurance and license & registration until he paid it off. That was 2 years ago. He stopped making payments after about 4 months when he lost his job. We let him keep the car so he could find another job. Well, long story short, he still hasn’t found a new job. During his latest drug abuse episode I went over and took it back.

    He and his father (my ex) thought I was the worst person in the world. Finally we decided to just sign it over to him, cancelled the insurance, and washed our hands of it all.

    In the end, none of the pain this caused me had anything to do with the car. It was seeing my son make one bad decision after another.

    Now his ex-wife is refusing to let him have his daughter (my Jenna) except for a rare lunch now and then.

    Tonight he called and told me this is my fault because I told his ex that he was abusing prescription drugs again. I told him I would never allow Jenna to be put in jeopardy and if he was taking too many pills I didn’t trust him to keep her safe.

    I wish I had answers for you to help you feel better but please know that I’m in your corner and you have my love and prayers.

    Who knew that the worst pain of childbirth is watching your “adult” child make so many bad choices?

    Love & prayers,
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  14. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    Sisand Nancy,Thank you for your prayers and for being here for me. I am sure 60's knows what we are going through as well.
    And yes it is the hardest thing I have had to deal with is watching my kids go through what they are. It tears your heart in two. I am glad we have this place to vent and get understanding,I love all of you!
    She didn't show up today or call. I called Dean got his voice mail,left a message for her to call me,that was around 7:30 pm. At 8:00 I went threw her room and found his mother's phone #,voice mail again,left message. She finally called around 8:30,said she was sorry for not calling(excuses,excuses). I told her what Ron and I had discussed and decided. She said she had planned on coming home tonight to stay the night so she could pack clothes to go to Indiana. I told her if she went to Indiana the car was staying with us. She was upset with Ron for this. I told her it wasn't just Ron who made the decision. And if they wanted to take the car they had to come up with $2000 before they left,of course they couldn't do that.So she won't be coming home tonight,she will tomorow when Ron has gone to work.To get some clothes. I asked what she was going to do with the rest of her things,she said she didn't care what I did with them. She had no place to put them. I told her I would either leave them in the rm or put them in my storage if Ron has a problem with that.
    She asked me if I wanted to say good bye to Gabe,I asked why are you taking him? She said no,she thought Ron would not let me see him. I said I will see my grandson no matter what,not to worry about that. I told her his father Troy has told me several times over the yrs that I can have him anytime. She said oh. She said they are taking a bus to Indiana to his father's 2nd home and will find jobs there. So I will see her tomorrow.
    She won't be able to see gabe as much as she would like,I know this will be a problem for her.But I guess she has made her choice...Ron says she can not stay here anymore,when she leaves I guess once again time will tell what is in the future for her,I pray she will be happy and safe...there's nothing more I can do to help her.
    nancy I feel your pain as well and if I had been in your situation I would have told the mother also...I have told My grandson's father also when my daughter has not been fit to have Gabe. We have to protect our Grandchildren too. So don't feel bad that you told. You did what you had to do.
    God,please help our children to help themselves...

    It does help for me to vent and to know someone really does know what we are going through...thank you..
    Love & Prayers,Robin
  15. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I agree!,,"God please help our children help themselves!",,,,That pretty much says it all!,,and another one that i always live by is "Let go and Let God",,,,,,They might get mad at us but hey ,,,when they are done being mad hopefuly they will realize that we did everything in our power to help them out!,,,,,Love Sis
  16. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    "let go and Let God' I try to live according to this also...when it comes to the kids and grands and I am sure you know what I mean,I have a difficult time doing that depending on the circumstance. I am going to try to save some money for when this doesn't work out for Melissa so she can get home..hopefully it will be the last time she leaves him.
    My dear daughter Jen says not too. To let her figurre out what to do when this blows up again. I don't know..I can't stand the thought of one of my kids being stranded somewhere like what happened Las Vegas.
    Melissa knows I will do what I can to help and support her. Maybe that is the problem,I don't know...
    I'll see her later today..
    We have gotten 3 inches of snow so far this morning...exspecting 5 more..looks like we are going to get dumped on.
    Reminds me of when I was a kid and we had all the snow we could want....
  17. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    My daughter just called,said she could not come today because of the weather. She will call before she comes. She also informed me that if I go and get my grandson that I cannot bring him to my home because Ron and I smoke..she said Troy agreed. We do not smoke in front of my grandson. I told her you mean to tell me after you living with us for 1 1/2 yrs and Gabe being here alot of the time, all of a sudden he cannot be here? She smokes also! She said she could not quit because we smoked. She was not here most of the time! Ya know I know smoking is not good for anyone. But all of a sudden this is a issue?! Come on!!!! My daughter also told me as long as I am living with Ron,I cannot have my grandson in the same house! Because Ron got after Gabe one night because he was arguing with his mother about eating. All he said was Gabe eat your food! Yes his voice was a little stern,but he ate and the fighting stopped. She says he is not use to someone raising his voice,is the reason.
    I have to go,she just left a voice mail saying she has decided to come today after all....more later..
  18. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    But hey, that's why we're here together, to share our thoughts right????

    I think Melissa is trying to deflect her guilt about the decision she's about to make onto you. By suddenly taking exception to your smoking she's grasping at straws to make her screwing up your fault not her's.

    My son can think of a million reasons why none of the problems he has made for himself are actually HIS OWN FAULT. Until they come to grips with their own bad decisions there's really nothing we can do except be there to pick up the pieces. I will no longer give him any money, if he's hungry I'll feed him or buy him a gift card to a local restaurant. I know that his having cash means he'll find a way to buy more pills. He's put us into $1000's of debt.

    Also, I don't think Ron's telling Gabe to eat his food is anything to worry about. Sometimes kids just need to be redirected and a strong male voice has more authority than mom's or grandma's.

    Stay strong, you're in our prayers.


  19. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    Robin,so sorry your going thru this.I think Melissa is trying to get even with you & Ron for not letting her have the car.why should you & Ron supply a car for that guy she,s with ,not only that if something happens with the car you & Ron could be held responsiable. Robin you may have to step back this time and let her fall God will catch her. If she finds out Mom isn't going to be her safety net.she may see things different.we"ll all be praying for you.My daughter kept me from seeing our Grandaughter for awhile just to be mean and now she knows she made a big mistake ,our Granddaughter is 17 and she comes and sees us on her own.Nancy & Sis how much snow have you Gals what a winter.
    looking at seed catologs and planing our garden,also thinking about starting to clean closet and basement and getting things lined up for a garage sale this spring.
    Robin ,I was just thinking about times in my life and how both my kids and Jerrys kids tried to come between us.thank God we didn"t let that happen. Kids grow up,and move on their always a part of our lives,but you and Ron deserve to have some good times too,So go for it girl and do something together and have fun. luv Ya Sixtyslady.
  20. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    I won't get into any more detail other than she came got some of her things and is on her way. I know that Troy will let me have Gabe,so I will not worry about it...and yes,your right she is doing this because she didn't get her would think I would be use to this by now! I am sorta mad at myself for letting her work me into a frenzy...I guess she shocked me when she said I couldn't see Gabe and it hurt...just what she wanted...I need to put a wall up when it comes to her,I need to remember she is 30 yrs old and can and will take care of herself and her problems are not my problems...I feel we have been used by her,when all we wanted to do was help her have a better's totally up to her how her life turns out...I would rather have all my teeth pulled at once than go through what Ron and I have this last 1 1/2 yrs..if this does not work out for her,I cannot have her back in this house,she will have to go to her adopted father's,maybe he can handle her better than I.
    Thanks for all your support,sorry for all my rantings,I knew you all would understand..

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