Winter Solstice

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Mikie

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    The solstices and equinoxes always fell on the 21st but it seems now that they say it's the 22nd. Could be something to do with the international date line, but I digress... I still celebrate on the 21st. Today (or tomorrow) is the shortest day of the year and then, the Earth will start it's tilt, in relation to the sun its the orbit, toward the North. Some, especially those with SAD, get depressed at the thought of Winter and shorter days, but we will be heading into longer days now. Also, the Earth is closer to the sun in the Winter. A good time to get out on sunny days now.

    A very Happy Winter's Solstice to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  2. paulac7

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    To you, too Mikie!!

    And to everybody else, also!!

    yep, yep--the days will slowly start getting longer now---though I do like the winter--we are under a 'Winter Weather Advisory...'

    Paula >^.^<
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  3. paulac7

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    I'm about 60 miles NW of you in the mountains LOL...who knows what we will get--I hope we get a lot, as I'm kinda curious to see how well my truck goes with real tires instead of the racing slicks (bald) ones I had last winter.

    I live on top of a ridge, so it's snowin and blowin pretty good up here...Was really windy last nite too--sounded like a freight train was coming thru!!

    Take care and stay warm!!

    Paula >^.^<
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  4. jaminhealth

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    I "HURT" more with the cold seasons!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My rheumy said all her patients remarked the other day after one of the coldest nights we had here....
  5. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    very very low for the most part. Such totally different weather on the west coast....I've been in the East humidity, yikes yikes yikes....horrible stuff..

    My sis in NJ who deals with MS can't be in humidity, she's pretty much homebound now for sure. Makes all the MS issues worse...

    The sun is shining now and I have my living room wall heater on, it's been cold here for so. cal. But NOTHING like the East.

    Hang in all and stay well. Oh, the world is still here as I type this at 10:45AM PST.
  6. freida

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    Mikie, we with SAD don't get depressed at the THOUGHT of winter, LOL
    it is actually the fewer hours and the less direct light that effects....but your wording struck me as funny, and the thoughts do count, so I'm glad for both! :)

    Paula, so nice to meet and/or see you here! :)

    SOunds like a great area that you are in. Lots of wildlife?

    Let us know how your truck tires go, Paula. We pay extra for good ones, now, instead of getting by on the slidy ones like we both had when younger.
    Those cheaper tires had to be replaced much more often anyway, so they didn't actually save money. But that's what we did when we didn't have money all at the same time, to buy tires. Glad you got some better ones!

    Where I was many years ago, we got lake effect was very high! ;)
    We don't get it, this far east.
    We used to get lots of snow, here too, but not as much in recent years. We'd like a moderate amount.
    We can all send our orders in to the meteorologists. LOL

    Saying hello to all of you....
    Leah Freida

    P.S. MIKIE and all, I think that maybe the date of the solstice, depends on whether night comes before day or after it. ;)

    Forgot to add, Mikie, that the THOUGHT of hundreds for car repairs, this time of year, is definitely cause for depression. LOL

    The cure?
    Don't think about it! :)

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  7. paulac7

    paulac7 Member

    Nice to 'meet' you too--haven't been on in awhile--had to get another computer, but this one is 'homemade', and it's a beast!!

    I like to drive in the snow...too bad when we do get it, it seems everyone seems to forget how to drive, though...

    I live NE of Pittsburgh, in the mountains :) yeah, all kinds of wildlife, both animal and human <grin>. Don't think I could live in a city if you paid me a million dollars...but that's just me..

    Paula >^.^<
  8. freida

    freida Active Member

    Yes, don't try to live in a city, or you will see even more wildlife than you like. LOL

    We are closer to a city than we wish, but various events caused us to be here, and now we've had a hard time figuring a way to move...and to afford some other option than where we for now, we count our blessings, and our wildlife. ;)

    We do have some, of both kinds, here in between the city and the rural areas.

    Our computer is homemade too! :)

    And yes, for sure, I worry about how some of the other drivers handle the slippery roads, more than I do about our vehicle, even though at some times, anyone can slide.

    Our present tires are beasts, though. :)

    Great to interact with you today.

    Leah Freida
  9. Mikie

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    What I wrote was incorrect. I know it's not the "thought" of less sunshine which causes SAD because I have it. Even though the sun shines a lot in CO, I feel so much better down here in the FL sunshine. However, every year in the fall in CO, I would get depressed just thinking about the shorter days to come. So technically, I wasn't correct but, for me, just thinking about no sun is depressing. I used to go to the tanning beds when I lived in CO to get more "sun."

    Yes, thoughts of expensive car repairs is depressing too. Living with an old car means one is always waiting for something to go wrong, even with a Toyota. Toyotas will last almost forever. I expect this one to last the rest of my life but one has to take good care of any car one wants to last. I use synthetic oil and it has never missed an oil change but there is always a chance of something going wrong. I hope this is it for a while. I do love this vehicle.

    Wishing good sunshine and cars which run to everyone. And, again, happy Solstice!

    Love, Mikie