wipe out parasites with black walnut oil

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    when i was an animal handler i was very worried about getting parasites. also my doberman got heart worm and i did some research on the treatments involved, some of which can cause death. so i went for the natural approach, black walnut oil(or hulls). i humannes and animals except horses it will kill every parasite, with exception of the adult heart worm. i wieght 150 lbs and take 5 caps every day, it gives you a black stool, but not the upset tummy. has anyonne ever tried this?? i have donne this for over 15 years on and off. please let me know thanx kimk
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    I had had intestinal cramps for six months or so - (very low down in my abdomen) and it made me tired (in addition to all the other variations of CFIDS fatigue). I didn't go to the doctor because they never were able to help me with any of my other symptoms. Anyways, one day I hit upon the idea that I might have parasites - did some research, found that people with CFIDS were vulnerable to parasites due to their compromised immune systems. I mentioned this to a doctor I know who is extremely knowledgable about nutrition, etc. He didn't really know if I had parasites, said the tests weren't always accurate, but that if I was going to treat for them, to do it for at least three months. So I did some research, came up with black walnut and ginger as being good to eradicate parasites, and took several capsules a day of each for 3 months - no herxheimer reaction, no bad side effects - but at the end of the three months (over a year ago), the cramps were gone and they have not come back. (and in previous years they had kept recurring off and on). So I was very pleased - so few things seem to work for CFIDS symptoms, and there were no nasty side effects!