Wiped out from college orientation just venting

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by libra55, Jun 15, 2006.

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    We went to my daughter's freshman orientation today. It's a two day program. One was enough for me. I am exhausted. I just shook and cried the whole way home.

    The parents have to go to their program while the students go to theirs. The students stay overnight in the resident halls; the parents can stay at hotel rooms but since we live close enough we decided to drive the both days. I don't do well in motel rooms. The beds are awful.

    We sat through round after round of never ending information sessions and motivational speakers, several with light shows and loud music. The food was very good though. I made it through lunch but by dinner time fibro fog had set in and I couldn't make decent conversation with the folks at our table. The words wouldn't come out of my mouth right, or not at all. I know people must have thought I was on drugs. My husband kept laughing at me which made it even worse.

    I hope my daughter is getting through it okay. I saw her just before we left and she seemed all right with everything. (She has Asperger's so I know she must be just as overwhelmed as myself).

    The sensory overload was awful. I think I will pop a little Klonopin for tomorrow's sessions.

    My husband wanted to know why I was crying and I couldn't even explain. The FM, the Crohn's, the fatigue, the pain, the utter frustration of it all.

    There is a sightseeing trip to a neighboring city scheduled for tomorrow; needless to say we did not sign up for that. We will be meeting with Student Disability Services at their presentation at the same time as the sightseeing tour so we could not have gone anyway.

    I hope I can be coherent tomorrow. Right now I feel like I got hit by a bus.

    Going to bed, goodnight all. I know my friends here understand what I went through. I'm shellshocked.

  2. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    Thanks for your kind and understanding words. After a good night's sleep I felt better. Got through Day 2 and now we are all home.

    I agree, emotions do play a big factor in this.

    My daughter is very tired also.

  3. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    Thanks for writing. I know my daughter was wiped out. She had to see her advisor the second day and get her classes. She has Asperger's (very mild) and maybe a little CFS (not sure), she's not a real high energy person and gets tired easily. I know it was just as hard on her as it was on me. I'm just going to let her crash for a couple of days.

    Her birthday is tomorrow; she will be 18.

    She is registered for disability services on campus, and we met with them yesterday. They put on a two hour meeting. They seem to really have it together which is one reason we chose this college. We have also met with them personally and they advocated for her with housing and got her a single dorm room which is practially an essential for an Aspie and very hard to come by.

    Now we just need to recover from our journey. I did drink lots of water and took breaks, but I'm still beat.


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