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  1. I have been wondering what happened to make me sick.I guess it makes me feel better knowing what Caused it.Well anyway Has anyone had wisdom teeth pulled Not when you were young .As you get older the wisdom teeth are so attached to the jaw so much more so than when you young.This is why my doctore Said the like to pull them.

    I had my done and left terrible bruises on my chin and that side of my face.I was 40 was wondering about this and tmj from the jerking of the tooth and even fibro.

    Any opinions?? Ruthie
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    Dear Ruthie,
    Wow! sorry you had a bad time with this. I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was about 50. I had no ill effects, or much pain. I took 2 Tylenol, went home and rested.I guess I was lucky.

    I used to have TMJ, and my Chiro got rid of it for me. It was from stress.

    I will tell you that my Dr.s in Oakland and Milpetas, are convinced that my CFIDS/Fibro are due to the bone marrow infection I have in my jaws, that came from root canals. So, it is possible that some bacteria got in to your jaws, and that could give you an autoimmune disease, if it got to the bone marrow, as mine did.

    However, it can be pretty much cleard up by use of antibiotics. I'm allergic, but if you're not, you might investigate.

    I don't know where you live, but my diagnosing Dr. was Dr. Swann, in Milpetas, California. He is an oral surgeon.

    Good luck,