~ Wisdom ~

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by deecrossett, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. deecrossett

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    ~ Wisdom ~

    Whatever we say, whatever we do,
    (Let's do it for God, first, then for me or you.)
    Put our mouth in our ear before we speak,
    Think it over, well, and then do the deed.

    God doesn't need home movies
    Or recorders in the sky.
    Whatever we do, whatever we say,
    He's reading us - you and I.

    Will today warm the heart of the Father?
    Will tonight bring joy to the Son?
    Can we kneel and thank God, in the evening,
    For the peace of a day well done?

    © by Joan Clifton Costner
  2. CJ-Tex

    CJ-Tex New Member

    I loved that, I will be sharing it with friends today.

    THANKS for posting,
    C J
  3. PMangels

    PMangels New Member

    "Let's so it for God, first, then for me or you".

    Thands for sharing.

  4. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    Wisdom is a favorite study of mine even though when I first began my serious quest, if it was one thing I truly lacked it was not necessarily knowing "wisdom" it was applying that which I knew....I liked the part of running your intentions, whether verbal or physical before Heavenly Father, before leasing "it" on the world.

    I have made my share of mistakes to learn by and needless to say I am still learning, giving godly thanks for God giving me time in order to grow and learn. My tongue has been one of my worse offenders and yes, I know it is the last thing to be bridled....perhaps my pen will be the second hardest thing to bridle! Love, CactusLil'

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