Wise Men Still Seek Him

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    Wise Men Still Seek Him

    The magi went to the east, when they saw the star.
    They knew this was the new born Babe, and came from afar.
    They brought gifts to Jesus, all the long way.
    Many need Him. Wise men still seek Him, today.

    King Herod was to have all little boys killed, two and under.
    But, God gave Joseph another route. It was a wonder.
    The wise still read His word and bring others, too,
    Their hearts feeling His love in all they do.

    He was the Christ child. Wise men know He is, still.
    They who seek Him will always do His sweet will.
    They will tell others. They will glorify His name
    By telling others of the night our sweet Savior came.

    Maybe the stable lit up brightly as Jesus was born,
    Whether in the night or the early morn.
    I know that He’s in my heart, forever to stay.
    And, they say wise men still seek Him, every day.

    I believe the little animals must have bowed down
    To this new born Babe, in Bethlehem.
    Even, the little bird knows He cares for their keep.
    All over the world, He's the one wise men still seek.

    © 2002 by Pearlie Duncan Walker