wish me luck (good wishes, prayers, etc.)

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    Dear fellow pro-healthers:

    This is such a supportive board.

    I just typed up a letter that I will most likely give to my landlords asking them if they could NOT do some very disruptive (to me, with my FMS) remodeling work that does not need to be done right now (it's the holidays!!! and it's my only space to sleep/rest, my one room studio) and could they please just wait til next month?

    I tried to explain ( I've given them brochures in the past, on FMS, other similar health conditions, but, despite being their tenant for several years now--an awesome, quiet, law-abiding, boringly GOOD always paying-rent-on-time no matter what tenant!) but they don't seem to 'get' it.

    Same goes for most of friends,etc. Sigh. It gets so frustrating.

    Wish me luck that they will be cool with what I am asking (just a postponement) and that I will not be displaced during holidays.

    (Even if they spring for a hotel if work goes on too long--and it might, all my stuff is here, my food, and mostly I need my 'space' not to be invaded. . .I know a lot-- maybe most of you--know how important one's quiet and privacy and ability to just go in your room and it's your own can be--even though it is owned by the owners {smile}, it's my only little corner in this whole world where I can just 'chill' and where I can manage my symptoms by resting/sleeping when needed.

    Plus I want to see loved ones this time of year that I don't always get to see the rest of year, and I don't want my space disrupted, or not be able to 'rest up' for a short holiday event or visit. . .Thanks for listening, Team {smile} You guys are the ever-lovin' greatest!!!!
    (There is a slight possibility that I may NOT give them the letter, but right now, anyway, I think I will. To put my symptoms and needs in writing was good. It's harder for them, or anyone else, to ignore (or so I hope!!!)
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    I think it is very important to our healing to have an environment that is as stress free as possible. I hope your landlord is understanding. Let us know.

    Love, Mikie
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    Best wishes/prayers for your situation.

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    I'm wishing you luck that they will comply with your requests!
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    This is work that is not emergency but has to be eventually done (long story), should've been done as maintenance years ago, and, at very least, during summer or fall, and now will be very disruptive (long story) in the cold, with the rain, short days, with no car and no where else for me to go, and this being the holidays.

    All I'm asking is to wait a few weeks til after holidays, that's all (It'll still be a pain/unavoidable, but hopefully then I can hang out at friend's houses to rest--everyone has noisy places right now full of visiting relatives,etc. Not the best timing.)

    Even after all these years my landlords still do not 'get' my fibro; in some ways that is the most difficult part of this.

    But I have no money to move, and in many ways, this is a good situation for me (considering the cards I've been dealt with: chronic illness which has reduced me to poverty and the inability to work anymore, my dreams still burning but how to reach them now ?, and the misunderstanding of most people, including what few friends,aquaintances I still have/see at all)

    The other housing options I have are: homelessness or really scary living situations.

    My one-room (not even a bedroom) that I rent in a back unit is my only refuge right now, and as most of you all have found, especially after having these illnesses for some time, finding that balance between what little, unpredictable activity (usually just enough to do an errand or go to doctor, if even that somedays) I have,and the ability to rest/sleep in my (relatively) quiet, private place in order to manage this health condition-- is crucial.

    If maintenance on this place had been done in a timely manner, it wouldn't be the potentially disruptive situation I am now facing.

    But I have to deal with what is, not what the ideal would be. . .we all know about that, don't we?

    I just wish I'd get a little more empathy, after 15 years of being a model tenant. . .I think some people, no matter what info you give them, just don't want to know, and prefer to judge. . .Thank you for letting me vent and giving me support.
    Good wishes back at you all, bless you!