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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by blueski31717, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. blueski31717

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    I finally got a appt. with a rhumy. It is today and I worked tonight so I really should be flaring because I won't have any sleep.

    I have fibro but also think I have CFS ( pc?) anyway thats why I wanted a referral.

    So wish me loads of luck.

    Strange though all of the paper work I had to fill out never mentioned fibro-just symptoms of it. come to think of it did not mention CFS either. Maybe he doesn't want me to dx it and just wants symptoms?

    I just hope he believes in both and treats.

  2. clerty

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    I was there today also get him to test you for Epstein-Bar Virus as they found out today thats what I have.
    good luck

  3. obrnlc

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    hi bluesky, hope you get a winner!
    He may take one look at how sleepy you are and say your problems will go away if you get off of the night shift, thats what mine said.
    i think you are right that they want to diagnose, and only want symptoms, some docs really hate pts to self diagnose--espec. if they get info off of the internet!
    please post after you get home and get some sleep
  4. coolma

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    Being informed is your greatest tool in getting your Doctor's to diagnose properly and to understand your illness. Read the book on FM/CFS by Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland. Found in most libraries - if not, request it! The symptoms are all outlined, along with blank forms for you to have on hand for doctors, etc. etc. etc. Extreme fatigue is part of both syndroms.
    And, be encouraged, the body has an inate ability to heal itself in TIME. Don't get exhausted running from place to place and all kinds of therapies and exercise sessions. Take a walk, get rest and follow prescribed Doctor's program. And, make yourself knowledgeable about your condition. And above all, find a faith that will sustain you through the bad times. Good luck!