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  1. lynncats

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    Hello to all my FM friends. Well I've decided tht it is time to quit smoking. I've set the date for Jan. 1st. I've already got the nicotine gum that a friend gave to me, he has quit by using this gum. Hopefully, it won't be too late, you see I have the beginning of emphysema, and they found a couple tiny specks on my lungs. Going for antoher c-scan in a week or so, to make sure the specks have not grown. I am bound and determind to put these damn cigs down. Thanks for listening, and wish me luck.


  2. AuntTammie

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    anyone strong enough to deal with having these dd's is strong enough to quit smoking......I know it might be tough, but you can do it
  3. FibroFay

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    Good Luck, Lynn. Others have done this and you can too. We are pulling for you!

  4. Nanie46

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    Horray for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like you have reason to be motivated.

    Keep those medical reports showing emphysema and the specks on the lungs hanging where you can see them, so you can read them if you have moments where you are lacking willpower.

    You CAN do it!!!!

    Good luck to you!

  5. rockgor

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    I admire your gumption. Sending best wishes and big hugs your way.

  6. ilovepink4

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    You have a better chance of succeeding because of making a public statement! Good for you! You can do this!!! Just think of not being chained to having to run outside for a smoke.....

    I think you should stash the cash that you would have spent on cigs and go out and reward yourself with something sparkly and fabulous! Something that comes in a torquoise blue box with a white ribbon....a store with the name of Tiffany's! We get a catalog every so often and i love to drool over the pretty things.

    My daughter took some of her Graduation money and bought a beautiful bracelet that is made of sterling silver balls....and she got the matching earrings....there is a necklace but she doesn't wear them much and it was more $$$....anyways, it was about $175 for the bracelet I think...and the earrings....ah...can't remember but they were less than the bracelet...anyways, when she wears them, she looks so....classy....or put together nicely...or i don't know....it just looks great! and she will always think of her graduation day when she looks at them...you will be able to remember your quitting day!!!

    anyways, i think you should reward yourself somehow....in anyway that makes you happy! it doesn't have to come in a blue box....that is just a suggestion in case you blank out on an idea!!!hahah!

    oh, and one more thing....non smokers can smell smoke on smokers no matter how much perfume, lotion,or whatever you put on....or how much gum you chew....so, you will get y our money's worth out of your perfume now! people will be able to smell your shampoo or your favorite shower gel!!! That was one reason I grew out my hair....i always had short hair as an adult and i always loved how people with long hair smelled from their shampoo...it lasts longer with long hair....just another incentive! no smoke smell will interfere with your fragrances!

    but most important of all, you are doing a wonderful thing for your body! I heard that your lungs start to repair themselves right away!!! this will be so good for you! You totally can do this! Be strong!!!! and take a look at Tiffany's online or something....:O)
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  7. lynncats

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    thaks for the support. I told myself this is it, DO IT!! Thanks for all you support, oh crap, I already said that.



  8. shaz73

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    You can do it...
  9. butterflydream

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    Hey Lynn, thought of another helper for you. Those Brown cinnamon sticks, if you feel the urge, get one and see if that can help ease the urge. I suppose it would look like a slim cigar in your mouth but hey, i know it's not easy.

    These are in the spice section generic cost a buck.

    Wish you ease at this.
    Hugs to you