Wish me luck.

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    I thought if I told my friends on this board of my decision to "start" a new way of eating it might help me to stay on track.Make it public and you have to do as you say you are going to. Or I think thats how it will work. Have the water allocation in the fridg ready for tomorrow and will not be drinking coffee etc. Trying to stay with mainly fruit and vegies, poultry and fish. I have been reading as many posts as I can and looking up anything I can find in regard to helping myself and have now decided "this is it". There has been such a lot written in the posts about being positive, wellness etc that I feel I am now ready to tackle this aspect of looking after myself. I should add, I do not feel sorry for myself with this DD as it could be much worse. So many we know have had or are still battling cancer and I don't have that. Watched my neighbour lose her battle last September. My lifestyle has certainly changed since the FMS started to affect me. From being very busy I now sit or go have a lie down if that is what I must do and I no longer feel guilty about it.But if doing something like altering my diet further ( I am diabetic )then I will do so.Daibetic education unit taught us we must have carbo's as a regular part of meals so I will have to see how I go with that too. I will be doing everything I can to help myself feel better and tomorrow is the next step. Wish me luck. Love to all. Ozgran.
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    Another thought I had too. Is about prioritizing. I know hard to do for some in pain, fatigue constantly.

    But try and attain goals one at a time, or some small goals a few at a time.

    Major issues like change of habits, smoking, diet,exercising.. etc..
    Its so hard to try and do them all at once, well its hard and its a setup for failure, too much to take on.

    I wish you luck!

    I am on a quitting smoking goal, wish me luck too!
    After I get a grip on that issue, then going to try the change of diet.

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    Wishing good luck to you both.

    Anything new is hard to do and I congratulate you both on your efforts to improve your situation. I guess that's why it is called a journey. We feel horrible and are moved to learn about why, then we take action to improve the condition if possible. Rooting for you,